Ministry of Science and Technology: The earthquake in Kon Tum is not serious enough

This is information that has just been shared by the Institute of Geophysics (Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology) after a field survey and assessment of earthquake effects in Kon Tum.

From April 19-29, 2022, a technical team consisting of experts and scientists was established by the Institute of Geophysics (Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology – Ministry of Science and Technology). organize field surveys, assess earthquake activities in Kon Plong district (Kon Tum province) and surrounding areas. This is the area where a strong earthquake M=4.5 occurred on April 18, 2022.

Recently published test, survey and evaluation results show that earthquakes occurring from March 2021 to April 2022 in this area have a magnitude of M = 1.6 – 4, 5. These earthquakes cause the largest tremors of grade V on the MSK-64 scale. The intensity of such concussion is not yet serious.

According to the Institute of Geophysics, the initial assessment shows that the earthquakes in the area of ​​Kon Plong district (Kon Tum) are stimulated earthquakes caused by reservoirs. However, in order to confirm the causes of earthquakes and to have a basis for predicting the earthquake activity trend and intensity in the future, it is necessary to have detailed surveys, observations and studies on tectonic geology and tectonics. Seismic regime in Kon Tum area and surrounding area.

Recently, there have been continuous earthquakes in Kon Plong district (Kon Tum province) and surrounding areas.

Scientists from the Institute of Geophysics said that previous research results on the tectonic regime and earthquake activity in the Kon Tum area and the surrounding area were not detailed enough to be able to evaluate the causes. causes and danger levels of earthquakes for civil and hydroelectric projects. At the same time, there are no detailed studies of exciter earthquakes in the area.

Therefore, according to experts, a detailed study is needed to determine the cause and level of earthquake danger and propose appropriate response solutions. At the same time, there should be close coordination of ministries, branches, localities and units managing and exploiting hydropower in the area.

The Institute of Geophysics of Geophysics has proposed to stakeholders to quickly establish a network of local earthquake observation stations (expected to include 8 stations, of which 3 have been deployed since May 2021) in the area of ​​Kon Plong district. and nearby to serve the timely earthquake reporting.

Based on the field survey, implementing the direction of Deputy Prime Minister Le Van Thanh in Official Dispatch No. 2502/VPCP-NN dated April 21, 2022 on handling earthquakes in Kon Plong district, province Kon Tum is proposing to the Ministry of Science and Technology to develop the task “Research and evaluate earthquake activities in Kon Tum province and surrounding areas, serving the prevention and mitigation of natural disasters caused by earthquakes”.

The main contents of this study are to clarify the causes of the earthquake sequence occurring in Kon Plong district and surrounding areas, and to find out the relationship between earthquake activity and reservoir water accumulation. Simultaneously, forecasting earthquake activity trends, assessing hazards and developing possible response scenarios for Kon Plong district and surrounding areas.

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