Ministry of Health warns of Covid drugs, fake test kits

The Ministry of Health warned that many anti-Covid-19 products of unknown origin and quality, such as protective kits, test kits and treatment drugs.

On February 18, the Ministry of Health sent an official dispatch to localities requesting to strengthen the fight against smuggling, commercial fraud and counterfeit goods in the medical field.

According to the Ministry of Health, many violations still occur and are constantly increasing in many places due to many limitations in management in combating smuggling, commercial fraud and counterfeiting under the management of the health sector. In particular, there are many items of unknown origin, origin and safety that are intentionally put on the market by subjects such as protective suits, masks, Covid-19 treatment drugs, oxygen generators, test kits. , antiseptic water, used medical gloves… The consequences have a great impact on epidemic prevention and control, and at the same time have a great influence on consumer confidence.

Previously, the authorities had repeatedly warned about poor quality medical products, about fake Covid drugs, and “removed date” for sale. Many drug wholesalers sell drugs with short shelf life, erased, and changed the expiry date of drugs sold on the market.

Yesterday, a representative of the General Department of Customs said that more than 85,000 quick tests of nCoV were detected and seized from Korea to Noi Bai airport, with an estimated value of over 8 billion VND. Objects declare goods with generic or wrong names for smuggling. Meanwhile, the law stipulates that testing for nCoV is a conditional import item, requiring a permit from the Ministry of Health.

In August 2021, the Environmental Police Department of Hanoi Public Security and the Hanoi Market Management Department discovered hundreds of boxes of “medicine to treat Covid-19” of unknown origin. The owner of the facility, unable to present relevant documents to the authorities, said that he went online to buy floating boxes of medicine for 100,000 to two million dong depending on the type, then went back to sell it for double the price to make a profit.

Facing the above development, the Ministry of Health suggested localities to rectify, in order to increase effectiveness against smuggling, commercial fraud and counterfeiting of medical products. At the same time, the units promote the review and licensing of items such as medicines, cosmetics, food, chemicals, equipment…; strengthen inspection and examination in areas prone to smuggling, commercial fraud, counterfeit goods, and poor quality goods in order to detect and handle them promptly.

Customs authorities inspected a batch of smuggled nCoV rapid tests on February 17. Photo: General Department of Customs



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