Minister of Health: ‘Quang Ninh can safely welcome Tet’

Minister of Health Nguyen Thanh Long highly appreciated the prevention of Covid-19 epidemic in Quang Ninh, people can feel secure to welcome Tet in a new normal state.

Working with Quang Ninh province on the prevention and control of Covid-19 on February 7, Minister Long assessed that Quang Ninh is a very firm place to implement epidemic prevention activities, with many good and creative ways. .

“Quang Ninh has two major outbreaks, of which the outbreak of Van Don airport is now completely controlled, the Dong Trieu outbreak is basically under control. The response speed in the prevention of epidemics in Quang Ninh is not missed.” At any time, the province took immediate and drastic action, “said the Minister. “Therefore, it can be said that Quang Ninh has basically controlled the epidemic well. The people of Quang Ninh can safely celebrate Tet in a new normal state”.

According to Minister Long, as soon as the first case is detected, Quang Ninh has traced the speed, thoroughly zoned outbreaks and improved the capacity of rapid testing, returning results early, promoting the motto “4 at place “. Only in a very short time, the province has basically well controlled the epidemic. During the past year, Quang Ninh also controlled quite well the problem of illegal entry.

“I am impressed with the number of 95% of people making medical declarations, which is very good; the province mobilizes self-management groups and epidemic control groups in the community”, the Minister said.

Report of Quang Ninh Provincial People’s Committee, as of 7/2, there were 47 positive cases in the area. In which, 19 patients at the outbreak of Van Don airport; The outbreak related to Chi Linh (Hai Duong) was 28 cases. The whole province recorded 5 localities infected.

The leaders of Quang Ninh province said that when there was an infection, Quang Ninh had activated a scenario of epidemic control at level 2 (with less than 50 patients). Forces were mobilized to focus on speedy tracing, expanding test subjects, rapidly and widely screening all high-risk subjects, associated with improving capacity of fast testing, early return of results, encirclement, thoroughly zoning outbreaks. At the same time, the province immediately implemented a temporary blockade order for the neighborhoods, wards and communes where the F0 is located, implementing maximum social distance for the entire Dong Trieu town and Van Don district for tracing and sampling. screening test.

Currently, Quang Ninh has traced more than 104,000 cases, of which F1 is 3,454, the rest are F2, F3, F4; tested nearly 54,000 samples. 95% of the population in the province have the third medical report, focusing on the elderly and having background medical conditions.

At the meeting, leaders of Quang Ninh province said that they had decided to spend 10% of their spending on buying Covid-19 vaccines. Therefore, the province requested the Ministry of Health to consider giving priority to Quang Ninh to organize the earliest purchase of vaccines to immediately deploy vaccination for the entire population, for the moment being the frontline anti-epidemic forces of the industry. medical, armed forces …

Appreciating Quang Ninh’s initiative and prioritization of resources to buy Covid-19 preventative vaccines for the entire population, the Minister of Health said that it would soon report to the Prime Minister this content.

Minister Nguyen Thanh Long working with Quang Ninh province on 7/2. Image: Tran Minh.

Minister Long also said the Ministry of Health changed testing strategy. It is suggested that Quang Ninh speed up sampling by households and agencies, and can mix up to 16 samples / tube.

The Minister also approved the recommendation “workers have Tet on the spot” of Quang Ninh province. Citing the fact that Dien Bien’s bus trip recorded the patient, the head of the health sector noted: “If people have to go home for Tet, the province should test them first, notify the local authorities. to monitor when they return “.

The province also needs to continue propaganda to raise people’s awareness of epidemic prevention such as complying with the 5K recommendation, limit leaving the house, gathering large numbers of people; strictly handle violations.

Today, the Ministry of Health awarded Quang Ninh 55 ventilators; an RT-PCR tester; a portable X-ray machine; 2,000 test products, 100,000 medical masks; 5,000 N95 masks; 5,000 anti-epidemic suits.

Le Nga