Minister Nguyen Manh Hung guides the development strategies of the ICT industry in the next 5 years

The strategy of the ICT industry must be excellent, have foresight, have high goals to change the national ranking, and especially have a unique and breakthrough approach and solution to make it easy and easy to do. Exam, can be done quickly.

Minister of Information and Communications Nguyen Manh Hung guides the development strategies of the information and communication industry at the first quarter State management briefing meeting 1/2021. Already a strategy must be excellent, have foresight, have high goals to change the national ranking, contribute to Vietnam’s rapid and sustainable development, and especially have a unique approach and solution. to make a breakthrough so that the difficult thing is easy to do, possible and can be done quickly. Vietnamnet would like to send readers the full text of the speech of Minister of Information and Communications Nguyen Manh Hung at this Conference.

The year 2021 is the first year of the 5-year Plan of Viet Nam getting rid of low middle income, the first year of the 10-year Strategy to become a high-income country and the first year of the 25-year aspiration to become a high-income developed country. . Is the first year of a historical period.

The year 2021 is also the first year of implementing the national strategies of the ICT industry: Digital Infrastructure Strategy, Post Infrastructure Strategy, Digital Enterprise Development Strategy, Digital Government Strategy, Economic Strategy. Digital and Digital Society, National Cyber ​​Security Strategy, Press Digital Transformation Strategy. These strategies will be issued in 2021. Industry units will jointly develop strategies and implement them. Already a strategy must be excellent, have foresight, have high goals to change the national ranking, contribute to Vietnam’s rapid and sustainable development, and especially have a unique approach and solution. to make a breakthrough to make the difficult thing easy and feasible.

Minister of Information and Communications Nguyen Manh Hung.

Digital Infrastructure Strategy focuses on 5G, on Cloud, on technology and infrastructure provided in the form of services, on a number of essential Platforms, one smartphone per person, one per household. fiber-optic internet lines. Vietnam’s digital infrastructure reached the top 30 in the world by 2025. The cooperation and sharing of infrastructure of digital infrastructure businesses is important, especially in 5G deployment through domestic roaming. Infrastructure must go first, go fast. Digital infrastructure is the infrastructure of the digital economy, so Vietnam has to own infrastructure equipment. Building digital infrastructure is the second innovation of the post and telecommunications sector.
The postal infrastructure strategy focuses on delivery infrastructure to each household, the digital address platform VPostcode, e-commerce exchanges for farmers, households and individuals. list, is the digitization of all business and service activities of the post. The postal infrastructure ensures physical flows in addition to the data flow, but the focus is on households.

The focus of the Digital Enterprise Development Strategy is the spirit of Make in Vietnam, transforming Vietnam into a digital country, solving Vietnamese problems with technology, developing digital transformation platforms, is mastering technology through promoting application, and from the cradle Vietnam will go global. Developing 100,000 digital businesses by 2025 is our goal.

The digital government strategy focuses on transforming all government activities into a digital environment and then changing the way government works based on data and digital technologies, interacting with people and businesses. , using technology to solve millennium problems. Digital government is a breakthrough solution to change the way government works. Digital government leads the transformation of the number of nations.

The focus of the Digital Economy Strategy is the growth of the digital economy from 20-25% / year, triple GDP growth, aiming to the digital economy by 2025 to account for 20% of GDP and over 30% by 2030.

The focus of the Digital Society is to promote the use of digital platforms in work and daily life, to improve citizens’ digital skills and information security skills.

The National Cyber ​​Security Strategy is to develop an ecosystem of safe products and cybersecurity to protect Vietnam’s prosperity in cyberspace. Vietnam must become a power in network safety and security.

The Digital Media Transformation strategy focuses on bringing content production and distribution to the digital environment, innovating the way of making content, innovating media revenues to not only rely on advertising, and master the background. content distribution platform over the cyberspace.

If there is a common word for all of the above strategies, it is digital transformation. The focus of the entire ICT industry over the next 5-10 years and beyond is digital transformation. The Ministry of Information and Communications is proposing to the Government to change its name to reflect its functions and duties in the new situation.

About some new approaches, breakthrough solutions and new ways to implement the strategies:

1) – Directing point of view: Vietnam must take the lead in ICT and digital technology. The ministry focuses on institution, vision, strategy, planning, and plan. Review and modify institutions to avoid overlaps, conflicts, and remove barriers to development. Work with focus, focus, do everything to stop it, thoroughly solve the lingering backlog; Checking and monitoring has changed into monitoring, checking, especially online; Build a digital government and a digital government to lead the national digital transformation.

The action slogan is: Set an example – Discipline – Focus – Breakthrough. Be an example of a leader, a leader has the ability to lead and remove difficulties. Employees are disciplined, disciplined, strictly comply with public service requirements. The focus is that in many things, choose the right thing to focus on. If it can be solved, the other things will be solved by itself; the focus is on 20% to decide 80%, so it must find and drastically direct that 20%. Breakthrough is a great desire, high goals, an approach, a breakthrough, unique solution to make the difficult thing easy.

2) – The fields of ICT, digital technology, digital transformation are at the forefront from the beginning, not going sequentially.

3) – Taking the domestic market to nurture and develop technology, businesses.

4) – Changing institutions to accept new things, promoting the application of new ones to create markets for new ones, thereby attracting new technologies, talents and global investment, and developing new technologies. , new product. To form a special innovation zone on cyberspace.

5) – Using Platforms is a solution to accelerate digital transformation, reduce costs, and lower costs. Platforms are a new type of infrastructure.

6) – A strong market must go with a strong state. The market is strong in the short term. The state is strong in the long term, in the foresight, in mapping out and leading. The budget for science and technology must be spent more on fundamental technology research, long-term studies.

7) – The State promotes digital transformation by spending at least 1% budget on digital transformation, and government procurement with priority on digital products.

8) – Training of digital transformation human resources is mainly through digital universities, through online platforms MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses) advanced training, retraining and lifelong training.

Some jobs are concentrated in the quarter 2/2021

1) – The Ministry of Information and Communications develops and issues the Action Program of the Ministry of Information and Communications to implement the Resolution of the 13th Party Congress. Completed in May 2021.

2) – Review and amend the working regulations of the Ministry of Information and Communications. Orientation: 1- Democracy must go with discipline. 2. Ministers and Ministers only do things within their competence, not in behalf of their subordinates. 3- Strengthening decentralization and strong decentralization go with strengthening supervision and inspection. Emphasize monitoring before checking after, monitoring through digital technology systems and online connection with units. This is an important shift in the activities of the state apparatus. 4- Highlight the personal responsibility of the heads of the unit, take responsibility for the progress and quality of the work of the unit, proactively deal with hot issues, congestion of the unit, of the field in charge. . The Ministry of Information and Communications will direct to re-issue in the second quarter of 2021.

3) – Institutional review and improvement. The Legal Department has synthesized 110 documents to be changed to solve the problem of overlapping, contradictions and hindering development. The Legal Department plans the amendment. Circulars under the jurisdiction of the Ministry must be revised in 2021.

4) – Publicize the list of shared infrastructure, digital conversion platforms in the same country. In the second quarter of 2021. The Department of Computerization is in charge of this task.

5) – Promote propaganda about the election which is diversified in form, rich in content and in depth, doubling the number of articles in the press. Proactively fight, oppose wrong and distorted views of hostile forces about personnel and organize elections. The National Cyber ​​Security Monitoring Center closely monitors information on cyberspace.

Regarding digital enterprise order problems, big problems

1) – New generation social network: From centralized to distributed model, towards users owning their own data; Smaller, more customer-oriented, and even fee-based social networks; The platform addresses a social need and then becomes a social network; Social network audio, voice communication; Social networks ensure the safety of information for users; Enterprise Social Networking for internal communication – Enterprise Social Networking (ESN); Publicity of the algorithm; Social media is a social infrastructure, so it must be clean, responsible for users and to the society; Social media is a platform, so it has to share value with its users. This is an opportunity for Vietnamese businesses to develop a new generation social network.

2) – New generation search engine: Ask a question, there is a reliable, usable answer, instead of asking a question, there are millions of answers without knowing the reliability, who answers If advertising is high, the answer comes first, so knowledge has been corrupted by money. Voice search engine communication, friendlier and closer.

3) – Personal museum in digital environment and progressing to an immortal human version that can interact with living people.

4) – Digital conversion platforms for disciplines and fields. The list of these platforms the ministry will publish in the second quarter of 2021.

Minister of Information and Communications Nguyen Manh Hung

Minister Nguyen Manh Hung talked about revolution 4.0

Minister Nguyen Manh Hung talked about revolution 4.0

If the Industry 4.0 is considered as an institutional revolution, changing the management model, the business model for new public application, Vietnam has many opportunities.

Minister Nguyen Manh Hung:

Minister Nguyen Manh Hung: “5G is an opportunity to develop the ICT industry”

Minister of Information and Communications Nguyen Manh Hung said that 5G is not only an opportunity for connection services, an opportunity to change Vietnam’s telecommunications ranking, but also an opportunity to develop the ICT industry in the country.


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