Milla: love lasts all the time

CRITICAL – Condemned by cancer, a high school student falls in love with a thug. A first film without pathos.

How do you love when you have nothing more to lose, when the time you have left is counted in weeks? Condemned by cancer, Milla, in an impeccably ironed high school uniform, falls on the platform of the Sydney subway, under the spell of scruffy and shaggy Moses. Vagabond, the dealer in his twenties begs for money. She feels uneasy in his arms. Then asks him to shave his chemo-eaten hair.

Who is manipulating whom? Moses (Toby Wallace), to have access to his groupie’s painkillers? Milla (Eliza Scanlen with bluffing intensity and restraint), to know her first emotions and steal her rites of passage? Hardly seduced by Romeo, his parents, the shrink Henry and the pianist Anna, let him sit on the sofa. Why deny their daughter a joy that will be scarce?

It is the fragile delicacy of the first feature film by Australian Shannon Murphy that adapts the play by her compatriot Rita Kalnejais. Contrary to Our stars

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