Midnight in the universe, story time

CRITICAL – With his seventh feature film as director, George Clooney signs two films in one, survival on ice and space opera, for the same tone, twilight.

A confinement without joy or Netflix. Alone in an arctic station, scientist Augustine Lofthouse (George Clooney, tramp beard and glassy eyes) kills time by playing chess, whistling whiskey and listening to the blues. If he does not freak out, humanity is not doing much better. Through the flashbacks, we learn that a virus has decimated the Earth. The poles are the last refuges before the end of the world, but the air is already beginning to be contaminated there. Between two vomiting, Lofthouse discovers in the station a little girl, Iris, clandestine tenant. While the badly licked bear and Goldilocks tame, the astronauts of the Ether station return from their mission after having explored a habitable planet (beautiful like Colorado). They don’t know anything about the earthly apocalypse and Lofthouse will do anything to warn them.

By adapting the novel by Lily Brooks-Dalton Good Morning, Midnight, Clooney confirms that he is neither Clint Eastwood nor Robert Redford, two past actors

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