Microsoft urges users to stop using Internet Explorer

As planned, Microsoft will officially stop all support for Internet Explorer browser on June 15, but Microsoft itself also wants customers to stop using this browser as soon as possible, not waiting for the deadline.

In a recent announcement on Microsoft’s community page, senior product manager for hardware Eric Van Aelstyn, recommended that businesses still using IE should consider early termination.

Consumers and most businesses have now switched to Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, or other modern browsers, but some organizations still rely on IE to access certain websites.

Although Microsoft has repeatedly warned businesses that IE will officially end support this year, not all companies have taken the initiative to come up with a plan to switch to another browser and Microsoft does not want the changes to be made. organization, the company must wait until June 15 to leave IE.

Aelstyn said that “Waiting for something to happen can be stressful, especially with complex IT environments, which is why Microsoft encourages companies to act now by switching browsers as soon as possible. .”

To prepare for IE “retirement”, organizations should ensure that IE mode is set up in Edge to allow employees to access IE-dependent websites in the future.

At the same time, users can also copy data from IE to Edge by accessing edge://settings/importData from the Edge browser, then selecting “Microsoft Internet Explorer” from the selections under “Import from”.

(According to Law and Readers, Techradar)


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