Microsoft, Samsung stop selling products in Russia

In the face of intense fighting, a series of technology “big guys” are gradually withdrawing from Russia.

On March 4, Microsoft said it would suspend all sales of its new products and services in Russia. Microsoft did not specify whether currently active services will continue to be available.

Microsoft, Samsung stop selling products in Russia

Microsoft shared that it is working closely with the governments of the US, UK and the European Union and has suspended many of its business activities in Russia in the context that the country is under sanctions from the governments of other countries. West.

Brad Smith, president of Microsoft, said the move was helpful in assisting Ukraine and would take additional steps as the situation evolves. Earlier, Microsoft said it made efforts to warn Ukraine about cyber attacks. .

On March 5, the Korean technology giant – Samsung announced that it was suspending the shipping of all its products to Russia.

“Due to current geopolitical developments, shipments to Russia have been suspended. We will continue to monitor this complicated situation to determine the next steps,” a Samsung representative announced. According to Bloomberg, Samsung will not only stop shipping smartphones to Russia, but also consumer electronics. and processor chips.

Since the military war between Russia and Ukraine happened, American technology companies have limited their activities in Russia one by one. On March 1, Apple confirmed it would stop selling products on its online store in this country. Google has suspended all advertising in Russia, and Airbnb has also suspended all operations in Russia and Belarus.

Social networks like Reddit have banned links to Russian websites on the platform, Facebook has restricted content from Russian media globally, and Twitter has halted advertising in Russia and Ukraine.

On the Russian side, this country has also announced to completely block access to Facebook on its territory.

Huong Dung (According to CNBC, The Verge)

Apple stops selling products in Russia

Apple stops selling products in Russia

Apple has confirmed that it will stop selling products on its online store in Russia. All of its devices are in ‘not available’ status for purchase or delivery.


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