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Mexico’s President Obrador Corona infected, told mask and lockdown dictatorship

The President of Mexico, the country of North America, has become Corona. President of Mexico López Obrador himself gave this information. Lopez Obrador is quarantined after having simple symptoms of corona. Let us say that Mexico is one of the countries most affected by Corona. Here the virus has killed about one and a half lakh people while 17 lakh people have become victims of corona infection.

Lopez Obrador tweeted, “I am sorry to tell you that I have become infected with Kovid 19. The symptoms are very mild and I am taking medical treatment. As always I am optimistic. We will all move forward. ”The great thing is that President Lopez Obrador himself has been opposed to wearing masks. According to them, wearing masks and lockdown is the method of dictatorship. Lopez Obrador was heavily criticized for his methods of dealing with Corona.

Earlier it was announced that Obrador would talk to Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday about the supply of Sputnik V dosages of the Russian-made vaccine of the Corona virus.

The ten most affected countries in the world
Brazil (8,816,254), Russia (3,658,447), Britain (3,627,746), France (3,093,619), Spain (2,499,560), Italy (2,455,185), Turkey (2,424,328), Germany (2,137,691), Colombia (2,002,969), Argentina (1,862) Mexico (1,732,290), Poland (1,470,879), South Africa (1,404,839), Iran (1,367,032), Ukraine (1,227,723) and Peru (1,082,907)

How many deaths in corona from which country
More than 20,000 have been killed, among them Mexico (147,614), Britain (97,518), Italy (85,162), France (73,018), Russia (67,919), Iran (57,294), Spain (55,441), Germany (51,873), Colombia ( 50,982), Argentina (46,737), South Africa (40,574), Peru (39,274), Poland (35,253), Indonesia (27,664), Turkey (24,933), Ukraine (22,830) and Belgium (20,675)

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