Meteor shower will happen next week

This amazing astronomical event will take place in the next few days. However, not everywhere in Vietnam has good conditions to observe this phenomenon.

Every year on November 11, there is always a meteor shower with the name Leonids. These are actually debris left behind by comet 55P Tempel-Tuttle in its orbit.

Years ago, the number of meteors caused by this comet was very large. However, in recent years, the debris of comet 55P Tempel-Tuttle has only crashed to Earth with a moderate frequency, about 20-30 meteors / hour.

This year, the time to watch the Leonids meteor shower at its maximum will be at dawn on November 17. It is worth noting that this period is very close to the night of the full moon. Therefore, the light emitted from the Moon will interfere with the observation of meteor showers.

The Leonids meteor shower has a density of about 20-30 streaks/hour.

To observe the meteor shower, look to the eastern sky, looking for the constellation Leo sometime after 2 a.m. on November 17.

In areas with ideal weather conditions, clear skies and little light pollution, viewers can observe meteor showers with a frequency of 10-20 meteors per hour.

With light pollution areas such as cities, residential areas, or in places with unfavorable weather, viewers can only observe part of this phenomenon.

During the observation process, viewers need to pay attention to monitor adverse weather factors such as rain, fog, cloudy weather. Especially in the position of the constellation Leo, where most of the meteors are concentrated.

In the event that the constellation of Leo cannot be seen, viewers should go to rest early because then there are very few opportunities to admire this special natural phenomenon.

Trong Dat

Successful launch of NanoDragon Make in Vietnam satellite

Successful launch of NanoDragon Make in Vietnam satellite

At 7:55 a.m. 16 seconds on 9/11 (Vietnam time), the NanoDragon satellite along with 8 other satellites was officially put into orbit by the Epsilon No. 5 rocket.


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