Metastasis due to leave surgery to cure breast cancer

With breast cancer, the woman in Tien Giang was afraid of surgery, quit treatment, went home to cover the leaves, and took herbal medicine, causing the tumor to spread to many axillary lymph nodes.

Ms. Huyen (name has changed), 36 years old, discovered breast cancer nearly a year ago, the doctor ordered surgery to remove the tumor. Thinking that surgery would spread the cancer cells, Ms. Huyen refused to be treated. At home, she met some healers to buy leaves to cover the tumor and used some kinds of unknown roots to decoct medicine. Four months later, her breast tumor was enlarged, her skin was inflamed and red, and had a foul discharge.

The doctor of Ho Chi Minh City University of Medicine and Pharmacy Hospital diagnosed cancer in a severe stage. Breast tumor larger than 10 cm, infiltrated the skin and metastasized many axillary lymph nodes. The patient must first transmit the chemicals, to make the tumor and lymph nodes smaller, then can be cut.

On December 31, 2020, after the operation, Ms. Huyen’s health was in the recovery period, waiting for her wound to heal would be radiotherapy.

Breast cancer tumor simulation. Image: Hospital provided.

Doctor Pham Hoang Quan, Department of Mammary glands, Ho Chi Minh City University of Medicine and Pharmacy Hospital, said that each day the hospital receives 70 to 80 breast exams, detecting many early cancer cases. However, there are many cases where self-treatment is ineffective, with more serious illness, just come to the examination, like Mrs. Huyen. The tumor has a large size, invades the skin, metastases the axillary lymph nodes, leading to difficult treatment.

“The concept of ‘knife-and-scissors’ aggravates illness, arbitrarily using drugs of unknown origin … are common mistakes of cancer patients and their family members. They miss the treatment stage by themselves. best, “said Dr. Quan.

According to Dr. Quan, breast cancer is a disease caused by a group of cells inside the breast that change and grow out of the control of the body. Breast cancer treatment is based on many factors, including the stage of the disease, the biological nature of the tumor, the patient’s condition, aesthetic needs, age and associated conditions. Surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and biological medicine are the most important methods. However, to achieve maximum therapeutic effect, it is necessary to have multimodial treatment, combining many related specialties such as cosmetic, palliative care, genetic counseling, psychology …

In particular, the role of surgery for breast cancer is irreplaceable. This is the first and most popular method, completely removing the tumor, ensuring aesthetic needs by means of breast conservation or reconstructive surgery. At the Ho Chi Minh City University of Medicine and Pharmacy Hospital, the majority of breast cancer patients who have not had axillary lymph node metastasis are indicated for early surgery. 25% of cases have breast reconstruction surgery right after surgery, with high effectiveness and aesthetics.

Doctors recommend, the most characteristic sign of breast cancer is to feel a lump in the breast. The nipple may release discharge, the nipple is draining pus or the fluid is pink, the nipple is receding, and the skin is concave. Late stage can develop lymph nodes in the armpit. When there are these signs, need to hospital check and treat promptly.

In Vietnam, each year more than 15,000 new cases, more than 6,000 people die from breast cancer.

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