Messi makes the number of followers of PSG on the Internet increase sharply

PSG’s social networking site has added 5 million followers in 2 days, before and after the team announced the signing of Lionel Messi.

According to the statistics of SocialBlade, Paris Saint-Germain’s Instagram page (@PSG) gained 2.2 million more followers on August 10. By August 11, an additional 2.8 million followers were recorded.

The number of followers of PSG’s page skyrocketed before and after this team announced the successful recruitment of superstar Lionel Messi. As of 0:00 on August 12, the number of followers on PSG’s Instagram alone is more than 43.8 million.

Messi helps PSG to add 4 million to follow him 1

New followers of PSG skyrocketed in 2 days. Photo: SocialBlade.

After adding 4.2 million fans in 2 days, PSG’s page followers surpassed Man Utd’s (currently 42.2 million followers), more than 1.5 times more than Bayern Munich’s page (27.6 million followers). million followers) but less than half that of Real Madrid’s page (more than 102 million followers). FC Barcelona page (@fcbarcelona), Messi’s former team, has more than 100 million followers.

On Facebook, the likes of the PSG – Paris Saint-Germain page increased by more than 645,000 on August 10 and 709,000 on August 11. Previously, the site recorded new likes every day from about 3,000-77,000. As of early August 12, PSG’s fanpage has more than 44.6 million likes.

Compared to some big teams, the likes of the PSG Facebook page are quite modest when the fanpage of Man Utd has more than 77 million likes, Bayern Munich has more than 52 million and Real Madrid has more than 111 million likes. Barcelona’s page also has more than 103 million likes.

During the two days of August 10 and 11, the PSG Twitter page (@PSG_inside) gained 343,000 new followers, a sharp increase from 3,000-21,000 in the previous days.

Currently, this page has more than 9.8 million followers, lower than Man Utd’s 26.2 million, Real Madrid’s 38 million or Barcelona’s 37.6 million. However, the number of Twitter followers PSG is higher than that of Bayern Munich (5.6 million followers).

Not only increasing the number of followers, the interaction data on PSG’s Instagram also skyrocketed when the image of Messi holding a PSG shirt posted at dawn on August 11 (Vietnam time) attracted more than 8.3 million likes, becoming the photo with the most likes on the page.

Messi helps PSG to add 4 million to follow him 2

The image of Messi holding a PSG shirt became the most liked post of PSG after only 22 hours of posting. Screenshots.

Follow IGBlade, the 17 most liked images on the page are also related to the recruitment event of the Argentine player. The videos about Messi on the page alone have a total of more than 102 million views.

In Vietnam, many Facebook pages claiming to be “PSG Fan Club Vietnam” were created before and after the event that this team successfully recruited Messi.

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