Meey Land attended the VNITO Tech Series of digital technology seminars

Meey Land first “Southern progress” when attending VNITO Tech Series – A series of digital technology seminars with the topic Technology for real estate in the digital economy.

On the sidelines of the conference, Mr. Hoang Mai Chung – Chairman of the Board of Directors of Meey Land Group Joint Stock Company shared that digital transformation is an opportunity to promote development for the southern real estate market.

– For the first time “Southern progress”, what message does Meey Land want to send to the southern market, which is still quite new to the company?

As a technology development unit for the real estate sector, Meey Land provides products and solutions to the nationwide market, in which the Southern market and the Ho Chi Minh City market are key markets. In the coming time, Meey Land will promote the supply of digital products in the real estate industry to customers who are in need of real estate transactions, brokers and trading floors.

In the current context, real estate businesses have a great need for digital transformation; Real estate trading floors have a great need to promote sales. The products Meey Land develops and brings to market are focused on solving such problems throughout the real estate transaction chain. We believe that when fully applied, “digital transformation” will be an opportunity to promote the development of the southern real estate market in particular and the country in general.

Entrepreneur Hoang Mai Chung – Chairman of the Board of Directors of Meey Land Group Joint Stock Company

– This message seems to be associated with the trend of “digital transformation” which is the “hot trend” of both the economy in general and real estate in particular?

In fact, in recent years, the concept of digital transformation is frequently mentioned. However, for the real estate industry alone, digitization is still a problem that has not been paid enough attention by businesses, investors and the community. This is also the reason we see the fact that some businesses have non-transparent projects; products do not meet user needs.

Digital transformation is the most optimal tool to ensure real estate products “hit” the customer segment. When the product has not been completed, the project owner cannot determine who will be the buyer, how much is the price, what the demand will be and this is the basis for circulation, limiting the crisis and making the market transparent. Real estate business school.

Consistent with the goal of developing digital transformation products for the real estate industry, the Meey Land Ecosystem is still continuing to be perfected. In the future, we believe that the 26 core products in the company’s strategy will solve problems at a macro level for the real estate market. At a micro level, Meey Land is pursuing each journey and each behavior to digitally transform to help customers have the most optimal experience.

Meey Land attended the VNITO Tech Series of digital technology seminars
Users enjoy experiencing Meey Map products at VNITO 2021

– Can you tell me more about Meey Land’s product ecosystem?

Each digital product Meey Land develops solves an array of problems in the real estate industry.

Examples of applications; Meey Land application; Meey CRM, Meey Ads and Meey Map… are all developed based on artificial intelligence (AI), big data (Big Data), cloud computing (Cloud Computing) and GIS (Geographic Information Systems) technology – Geographic information system).

VNITO 2021 has brought Meey Land closer to the southern real estate community

These are tools that directly support real estate brokers in the following activities: approaching people wishing to buy, rent and receive real estate transfers; effectively manage stock and customer needs to make effective sales proposals; assisting brokers in finding customers through online advertising platforms and especially assisting in checking detailed planning for real estate transactions.

These are the basis for the market to have complete information about real estate transactions in regions, regions and segments. In particular, the southern market is the key market that Meey Land is aiming for at least in 2022.

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