Medicines are always in the family medicine cabinet

Physiological saline, cough syrup, rehydration solution … are always needed in the family medicine cabinet to quickly handle common diseases during seasonal change.

According to doctor Nguyen Thi Dieu Thuy, Hanoi Medical University Hospital, the home medicine cabinet includes essential medicines and medical supplies that can treat fever, cough, runny nose, diarrhea or minor illness. rescue children when needed.

Thermometer, fever-reducing medicine

Fever – a common symptom in children is the body’s normal response to an infection. The thermometer will help measure body temperature, accurately determine the fever and use the correct fever-reducing medicine. The family only used fever-reducing medicine for their baby when the temperature measured in the armpit was from 38.5 degrees and the anus was from 39.0 degrees.

With antipyretic drugs, parents pay attention to correctly use a product containing paracetamol with a dose suitable for each child’s age and weight. The recommended dose is 10-15 mg per pound of body weight in one time, 4-6 hours apart, carefully read the directions before use or as directed by a physician. Anal fever reducers should be reserved for use when the child has difficulty drinking or vomiting a lot.

Family medicine cabinet helps prevent illness for children during the season. Image: Hapacol.

Physiological saline

This is an essential product, helping to clean the nose and throat for children when they have a stuffy nose, runny nose … Parents can also use physiological saline type specifically for the eyes to drop the eyes, wash away dirt, common objects in the eye.

Herbal cough syrup

At the time of season change or when disease is spreading, families should have some herbal cold cough syrups available. This product can be used when your baby has a runny nose, coughing to quickly relieve symptoms and help children feel comfortable and avoid severe changes.

Dr. Thuy recommends that parents should pay attention to choosing herbal cold cough syrups suitable for the child’s age. Everyone chooses the types that have been tested, ensuring safety for both infants and young children.

Rehydration solution, electrolyte replacement oresol

Oresol works to rehydrate and electrolytes when a child has severe diarrhea, vomiting or fever. Children taking oresol to help replenish water and electrolytes, help prevent dehydration. In the case of oresol compensated properly, but the child still vomits a lot, shows signs of dehydration (fatigue, thirst, less urination …), parents need to take their child to see a doctor for appropriate and timely treatment. .

Other medical items

Families should prepare a mouthwash and a dry hand sanitizer for children to clean their nose and throat because the risk of infection with viruses and bacteria is always present, especially during the seasons. In addition, in the medicine cabinet, it is necessary to have bandages, antiseptics, 70 degrees alcohol, 10% betadine solution to use first aid, stop bleeding on the spot before sending to the medical facility when the baby is scratched or melted blood while running, jumping, falling …

In addition to preparing the family medicine cabinet, Dr. Thuy recommends that parents be equipped with knowledge to be able to take care of and properly handle children’s health problems. When the treatment at home is not effective, it is necessary to bring the child to specialized medical facilities for specific examination and consultation.



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