Medical equipment suppliers must disclose their prices

All medical equipment suppliers must publish the prices on the medical equipment price portal.

On the afternoon of October 2, at the regular Government press conference, Deputy Health Minister Nguyen Truong Son received a question about the review of the socialization of medical equipment and services and the reason for delay in issuing translation tariffs. medical service on request.

According to Mr. Son, the policy of socializing investment in medical facilities and equipment is correct and has achieved many achievements; Under the limited budget, facilities still have access to high-tech equipment, improve professional qualifications for doctors and doctors and expand services. People spend not high costs compared to abroad but still enjoy achievements in medical technology modernization.

“However, we must acknowledge that there is some existence of this form of socialization, which is the rise in prices of medical equipment,” said Mr. Son.

He affirmed, not when the case happened at Bach Mai hospital, but in the past, the Ministry of Health regularly directed the units to review the project of installing medical equipment in the form of socialization.

Deputy Health Minister Nguyen Truong Son. Image: Main Family

Recently, Acting Health Minister Nguyen Thanh Long has signed Directive 20 requiring all relevant agencies to review and publicize the prices of medical services so that people have the right to choose suitable with their needs.

Regarding the development of two circulars on medical service prices and on demand prices for medical servicesMr. Son said the Ministry of Health has drafted a draft from the second quarter of 2019, but “before being issued, it must be approved by the ministries and in line with the consumer price index”. In addition, the Covid-19 translation that happened at the beginning of the year has affected the progress of the construction of these two circulars.

Since the beginning of September, the Medical Equipment Pricing Information Portal has been put into operation to publish prices of drugs and supplies. The medical equipment providers are responsible for publishing the prices on this Portal, helping relevant units to refer when shopping. “By the end of 2020, all medical equipment suppliers must publicize prices on the Gate”, Mr. Son affirmed.

Also at the press conference, Major General To An Xo – Chief of the Ministry of Public Security information, the investigation of medical equipment price hike at Bach Mai Hospital “is not the first, but not the last” .

“Based on collected documents, the authorities will consider whether to continue to expand the investigation or not,” said the Soviet general.

Before that, at a press conference on September 4, Major General To An Xo informed that the initial investigation results showed that some individuals at the Medical Technology Joint Stock Company (BMS), JSC appraisal Financial Services and Valuation (VFS) has fraudulent procedures, matching, and valid procedures to increase the system of medical equipment multiple times.

In the process of installing the robot system to support neurosurgery, the Customs declaration noted that the imported product cost 7.4 billion VND, including VAT, but it was raised to 39 billion VND.

“The robot system price is 7.4 billion VND, the machine depreciation cost for one case is about over 4 million VND. However, at 39 billion VND, the patient has to pay the machine depreciation cost of 23 million VND each. cases “, Mr. Xo said and said, from 2017 to 2019, Bach Mai Hospital has paid 550 cases, the difference between beneficiaries and appropriated patients of more than 10 billion VND.

Regarding the case, Mr. Nguyen Quoc Anh, former director of Bach Mai Hospital and many individuals, were prosecuted and detained by the Investigation Police Department of the Ministry of Public Security.

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