Medical director directs ‘diagnosis of mild to severe disease’

Binh ThuanMr. Le Huy Thuan, Director of Phan Thiet Medical Center, was reported by his subordinates to have “directed doctors to diagnose more serious diseases than they actually are”.

On September 6, Nguyen Quoc Viet, Director of Binh Thuan Department of Health, said that after verifying the case, 7 doctors of the Medical Center confirmed that Mr. sicker than they actually are”, but they did not comply with the director’s request.

Previously, on May 18, Doctor Le Thi Thanh, Deputy Head of the Department of Reproductive Health Care, Medical Center of Phan Thiet City, sent an application to the Department of Health, reflecting Mr. less than a year – “regularly direct the doctor on duty to diagnose a serious illness or a mild illness into a serious illness”. Ms. Thanh also accused the director of speaking inappropriately, telling subordinates in meetings that “businesses are like monkeys, doctors are like tigers, and they are as dumb as maggots”..

Binh Thuan Department of Health has verified these complaints, concluding that the points reported by Ms. Thanh have occurred. Inspector of the Department of Health said that “it is not appropriate for Doctor Thuan to direct the diagnosis of a very serious illness, a mild disease to a serious disease or different from the current disease situation”.

In addition, the Department of Health also said that the director’s non-standard statements to subordinates were “limitations and shortcomings in the code of conduct”. According to the Department, explaining to the verification team, Mr. Thuan admitted to having tell some such individuals because they have caused serious consequences affecting the operation of the unit, affecting the interests and lives of many people including patients, medical staff, reputation and honor of the medical profession, the social community…

From Dr. Thanh’s complaint, the Department of Health also discovered that in February, Mr. Thuan signed a one-year contract (from February 15, 2022 to February 28, 2023) for Dr. Phan Thi Tuyet to work. at the Department of Reproductive Health, is not regulated. Dr. Tuyet participated in consultations and signed referral papers for some pregnant women even though they were not doctors on duty, which violated the regulations of the Ministry of Health.

Director Thuan is also said to have violated the meeting regulations, the code of conduct, office culture, the principle of democratic centralism, causing disunity…

With the above errors, Binh Thuan Department of Health proposed to review Director Thuan, handle the responsibility and promptly overcome the shortcomings that occurred in the unit. And Doctor Tuyet was asked to terminate the labor contract.

People waiting for vaccination did not keep their distance in front of Phan Thiet Medical Center, in August 2021, causing the former director to be transferred. Image: Van Dung

In recent years, Phan Thiet City Medical Center has constantly had to change its leadership for many reasons.

Mr. Le Huy Thuan, 52 years old, specialist doctor II (Lao) has held the position of Director of Phan Thiet City Health Center, replacing Mr. Pham Viet Yen, from the beginning of October 2021.

As for Mr. Yen, he moved to become Deputy Director of Binh Thuan Lung Hospital (replacing Mr. Thuan), after Mr. Yen was temporarily suspended from the position of Director of Phan Thiet Medical Center by the Department of Health due to “negligence and lack of responsibility”. in epidemic prevention.

Previously, a number of leaders of Phan Thiet Medical Center were also dismissed and brought to trial due to their involvement in the case of property embezzlement occurring at the unit.

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