Meal deliverers and VTC drivers: “there is an urgent need to act” on their working conditions, believes Bruno Mettling, former HR Director of Orange

Bruno Mettling, president of the consulting firm Topics and former HRD of Orange, eco guest of franceinfo, Friday March 12, 2021 (FRANCEINFO)

The tension is high among platform workers. These VTC drivers, home meal deliverers for Deliveroo or Uber Eats and whose social conditions and salaries leave something to be desired. Bruno Mettling, Chairman of the consulting firm Topics and former HR Director of Orange, was tasked by the government on social dialogue for professionals in the sector. It must lead to the drafting of a prescription.

On franceinfo, Friday March 12, Bruno Mettling details the proposals he has just made to trade unions and employers: “We completed the roadmap that was ours in a very short time, after consultation and dozens of meetings, we offered a service that allows real social dialogue to take place. It is true that there was an emergency “.

>>> The government is in favor of VTC drivers or independent deliverers being able to vote in union elections.

The question of employee status, from which these workers do not benefit, is excluded from the ordinance. The president of the consulting firm Topics considers that this is not the priority issue: “The debate exists on the status of worker but there is an urgent need to act. Today, they have an independent status and for this reason should we have such a level of deficit of protection and rights? The goal is to say: yes, in France, our social model – whatever the status, employee or independent – requires that in the situation of these delivery men or these VTC drivers we have access through social negotiation to a level of rights worthy of the name “.

Bruno Mettling lists the points on which he believes must be negotiated with the platforms:

– the price of the race which, in this profession, defines the income.

– income “to allow us, since we are called independent, to be able to acquire protection”.

– rebalance the social relationship “which is today unbalanced between platforms which control the prices and the methods of organization of work and workers presented as independent, but are in reality economically dependent on these platforms”.

The former HRD of Orange affirms just in France “Nearly 100,000 people have gained access to the activity thanks to the platform economy. So we have to keep a certain balance. This new economy allows young people, often from disadvantaged backgrounds, to access employment. It is therefore important that the dynamic of job creation is accompanied by a renovation of rights “.

Are the American platforms going to let their conduct dictated by the French and their demands? According to the former HR Director, dialogue is now possible.

“These platforms, at some point, understand that their economic model which could be deployed without taking into account the social model is finished.”

Bruno Mettling

to franceinfo

Bruno Mettling adds: “In most countries decisions are multiplying because the situation of deficits in rights and protection of these workers is unacceptable. In France, I have the feeling, through the consultation that we have carried out that the platforms have understood that the tide is turning and it is imperative to get out of this deficit of rights and protection “.

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