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McDonald’s burgers are chock full of Russian fridge, know what is the secret of this viral picture

Ukraine Russia War: McDonald’s in Russia has announced a ban on its business in protest against the Russian attack on Ukraine. After which a McDonald’s lover has put burgers in his fridge. This picture is becoming increasingly viral on social media. In this picture, at least 50 burgers are seen chock full inside the fridge.

After McDonald’s announced the temporary closure of 850 branches in Russia, some people have started selling Big Macs online for £250. Meanwhile, online auction sites have been flooded with listings as people try to make a profit on ordering McDonald’s food that is no longer available anywhere else in the country.

According to media reports, McDonald’s food on the online website, which includes a double Big Mac, a double Royal, two large chunks of chips, 18 McNuggets and a mozzarella dipper, is available for sale for £255. The ad also claimed that ‘the food is still hot’. Similarly, one curious person priced a Big Mac food at £250, while another tried to sell three bags of McDonald’s stuff for £639.

McDonald’s announced just days ago that it was temporarily closing its stores in Russia, which brings in about 9% of the company’s annual $2bn revenue. The news caused an uproar across the country, as fans gathered outside 850 McDonald’s restaurants to get their last fast food meal before the stores closed.

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