Max von Sydow’s widow wants to open a space dedicated to the actor’s memory in Seillans

Between his family memories, documents from his youth and objects recovered during filming, a real “treasure” that belonged to the actor could be exhibited in the Var.

Disappeared a year ago, Max von Sydow still has a few pieces to play. Or at least to show. A last film, a possible museum and, above all, many memories shared with his wife, director Catherine Brelet. Invited Monday on RTL, the widow of the Franco-Swedish comedian, who died at the age of 90, announced that she wanted to continue to bring the memory of her husband to life through a museum that would exhibit the actor’s objects revealed by Ingmar Bergman in The Seventh Seal.

There are the love letters from his parents when they first met, he has the drawings of his childhood since he was four, all of Strindberg’s plays that he rewrote by hand. He designed the make-up. For example, there are movies where he had prostheses that were given to him at the end.», Enumerates Catherine Brelet, outlining the large collection accumulated by Max von Sydow during his long career. “There are a whole bunch of things like that. I have immense treasure.So many objects that could be exhibited in Seillans, where the couple had very discreetly taken up residence. The project counts a lot in the eyes of Catherine Brelet, for whom it is a question of perpetuating the bond which united her to her husband: “We never left for 28 years, 24 hours a day. That’s why I say it’s gonna happen: I need it», She testifies.

A peaceful Var retreat

The couple had settled in the Var, where they lived in extreme discretion more than 600 km from their Parisian address. “He wanted absolutely no one to know where he lived. Even the family wrote to us at an address we had in Paris. There was no mail arriving in the south on behalf of von Sydow», Says Catherine Brelet. The situation had created its share of earthy anecdotes, especially when director Martin Scorsese was surprised to see the couple – supposed to live in Paris – take a room in the same hotel as him. A situation comic that she still remembers with pleasure: “It was a great story they told each other afterwards!

While waiting for the Var project to materialize, Max von Sydow must still appear posthumously in the feature film Echoes of the Past. Directed by Nicholas Dimitropoulos, the film tells the story of the massacre of Kalávryta, a village whose inhabitants were assassinated by an SS division in 1943. Delayed several times, the release of the feature film remains suspended to the development of the health crisis and the reopening of rooms. This is the last film project in which Max von Sydow participated. “He was able to work to the end; he received the last years between four and five scripts per week, remembers Catherine Brelet. We made a great team for 28 years.


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