Matt Damon, despite himself, star of Perseverance rover landing on Mars

In Alone on Mars, the actor played Mark Whatney, a researcher left behind during an expedition and condemned to survive on the red planet. A mishap that greatly inspired Internet users captivated by the landing of the last NASA robot.

Alone on Mars, Matt Damon now has company. The landing of the Perseverance robot on the red planet gave rise to a swarm of memes (elements hijacked on the internet, in this case images and videos). Humorous images featuring Mark Whatney, the hero of Ridley Scott’s space blockbuster. To the point of making its interpreter, Matt Damon, one of the stars of the American expedition to the neighbor of the Earth. The actor’s name was among the most used keywords on Twitter overnight.

NASA’s Perseverance robot has tracked down Matt Damon“, Amused an American Internet user in the caption of a photo of Alone on Mars. “Have you seen the first photos of the new Mars rover, Perseverance? Looks like NASA found Matt Damon …Another wrote, posting an edited image of the actor on one of the rover’s first shots.

Others wonder about the real intentions of the mission launched by NASA, officially supposed to help us get to know Mars better. “The federal government continues to spend way too much money trying to save Matt Damon. He knew what he was getting into ”, denounces Drew Curtis, founder of the Fark.com site. For journalist Medhi Omaïs the answer is much simpler. “All to grab hold of poor Matt Damon’s potato crop. That’s crazyHe tweeted. In the 2015 film, the abandoned researcher and former botanist effectively manages to survive by planting potatoes in a pressurized tent.

Released in 2015, the feature film, adapted from Andy Weir’s bestseller, was a real success with the general public. And if there is little chance that Perseverance sends us images of human life, it could however find a drawing by Ridley Scott. In addition to the promotion of Alone on Mars, the director had indeed sent the first page of the scribbled script in space via the Orion shuttle.


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