Matrix Resurrections: Orpheus and Eurydice in the Matrix

CRITICAL – Lana Wachowski is the only one at the helm of this fourth film bringing together Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss twenty years later. A digital romance against the digitization of the world.

Twenty-two years after its release, the trilogy Matrix has become one of the cornerstones of XXI pop culturee century. The work of the Wachowski siblings will have had the foreknowledge of anticipating the arrival of the internet, the metaverse, that of digital omnipotence, while popularizing this vision of a human being experienced as a virus dangerous for the planet. Earth. Matrix Resurrections plunges back into the matrix.

Only Lana Wachowski remained at the helm of this “reboot”. Aside from Warner’s urge to dust off a franchise that was settling wisely on the shelves of sci-fi classics, the trigger for this new film seems to have been the death of the director’s parents. To mourn, Lana Wachowski transforms a trilogy into a tetralogy. Obviously, the nostalgia is there. It is assumed and that’s good. The plot resumes eighteen years later. Still embodied by Keanu Reeves, the nerd Thomas Anderson, alias Neo, became a designer …

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