Matrix Resurrections, La Croisade, Madeleine Collins, … Films to see or avoid this week

The rebirth of the saga carried by Keanu Reeves, a couple of parents carried away in the crazy project of their son, the complicated double life of a woman on the verge of a nervous breakdown … Discover the cinema selection of the Figaro.

You can see

Matrix Resurrections, science fiction film by Lana Wachowski, 2:28 a.m.

Lana Wachowski is the only one at the helm of this fourth film bringing together Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss twenty years after the release of the first Matrix. The plot resumes eighteen years later. Still played by Keanu Reeves, the Nerd Thomas Anderson, alias Neo, has become a world-famous video game designer, author of the game “The Matrix”. CQFD! In his company, all the developers and other marketing managers are excited because they have decided to relaunch a new hit. A remake? A reboot? Keanu Reeves doesn’t care. He who does not remember anything launches, out of idleness, a brand new program called Morpheus. It is then that everything is reset … Forward the amnesiac! It is always in the arms of Morpheus that Neo wakes up… In the cafeteria, he meets Trinity, his love of always (Carrie-Anne Moss). If the film, sometimes clumsy, a bit confused in its mise en abyme, never ceases to be self-reliant, it nevertheless innovates on this aspect. Instead of being a messianic hero liberating a humanity under the yoke of machines, Neo reinvents himself as a digital Orpheus in search of his deeply asleep Eurydice deep in the digital hells. OD

Madeleine Collins, drama by Antoine Barraud, 1 h 47

Margot ? Judith? Madeleine? That depends on the day. With her, we get lost. She lies. It’s a full time job. We wonder how the heroine manages to exercise her profession as a translator. It is shared between two homes, two countries, two stories. There is Geneva and there is France. She has a daughter with Abdel and two boys with Melvil, who is a conductor. His families do not suspect a thing. What’s on her mind? With Madeleine Collins , Antoine Barraud becomes attached to this woman on the verge of a nervous breakdown, who reads books to her child to put her to sleep and does not know how to face the sulking of her elder brother. She plays yoyo with the social classes, tries to keep her spirits. The varnish does not take long to crack. In the role of a woman who is divided between two homes and two stories, Virginie Efira is a mystery of blondness. This second film is uneven, but very promising. É. NOT.

It is you that I was waiting for , documentary by Stéphanie Pillonca, 1 h 27

At the 2020 Angoulême Francophone Film Festival, Stéphanie Pillonca touched the audience with her documentary It’s you I’ve been waiting for.The director, who collaborated with Astrid de Lauzanne at the origin of the subject, paints the portrait of parents in need of children and children in need of parents. Adoption is often an obstacle course. Beyond administrative and sociological questions, the film, lightened by songs by Aurélie Saada (the group Brigitte), salutes the strength of parental and filial love. With great modesty and sensitivity, Stéphanie Pillonca stands as close as possible to fair, sincere people who have placed their trust in her, regardless of whether they give and / or receive … NS

My Kid, drama by Nir Bergman, 1H34

Refusing to see his autistic son leave for a center, a father embarks him on a journey along the Israeli coast. This penniless odyssey, worthy of Charlot in its adventures and misunderstandings, reveals to Aharon new facets of his offspring, Uri. The film provides a true and necessary portrait of parental love and the quest for autonomy of young people with disabilities. With the Cannes 2020 label, My Kid tells, with a surgical and almost journalistic camera, the little things – Aharon’s wonder at seeing his son dance, for example – social hypocrisy. And question our embarrassment. Passers-by look away when Uri has a panic attack and lies paralyzed on the sidewalk. From Uri, Noam Imber makes a singular character, far from archetypes at the Rain man , a facetious being, with assumed tastes. It has a lot to do with the grace and anti-miserabilism of this truth film which won four Ophirs, Israeli equivalents of our Caesars. CJ

In a district of Dafen in Shenzhen reigns the largest concentration of painters in the world. More than 10,000 Chinese copyists are working tirelessly to copy Van Gogh. Xiaoyong Zhao gets up, works, eats, sleeps and dreams of the painter. He idolizes her so much that he sets out to go to Amsterdam to see the originals. Touching, unsettling, fascinating, this documentary paints the portrait of a small counterfeiter of the great Dutch painter who is losing his illusions. But it comes out grown. OD

All in scene 2, animated film by Garth Jennings, 1 h 50

La La Landwill only have been a flash in the pan. The disappointing scores of West Side Story , after the failures of Catsand others, confirm that the public shuns the musical. Unless its heroes are animated animals, as in All on stage. Here comes Buster Moon, the theater director koala, and his troupe determined to put on a spectacular show produced by a big bad wolf. For that, they must bring out of his retirement the lion Clay Calloway, king of rock but inconsolable widower. It’s funny, not crazy either, a little too colorful and the orchestrations are not in the lace. É. S.

To avoid

The crusade , comedy by Louis Garrel, 1:06

From now on, every Wednesday an alert film on climate change, the disappearance of species or the destruction of the planet by man. Fiction has not yet really taken hold of the subject. Louis Garrel tries it out in The crusade , a perilous exercise in self-mockery. He plays a couple booze with Lætitia Casta, taken over by their son Joseph. The teenager sells daddy’s watches and mum’s Dior dress to finance a water pumping project in Africa. The film does not give much to eat. On the theme of the house is burning and we look elsewhere, better (re) see The Emerald Forest, by John Boorman, about a father and son in the Amazon jungle. É. S.

Thin then 2,comedy by Charlotte De Turckheim, 1 h 45

Nine years after his first film, Gosh !(which had attracted nearly 1.5 million spectators) Charlotte De Turckheim finds her band of friends and offers a second film on the same theme. This time Isabelle and her niece Nina are opening a “fasting and detox” cure in the heart of Provence. Nothing new under the sun. Teenage obesity serves as a common thread in this farce not really thin. Charlotte de Turckheim’s unsinkable good humor remains. It’s already that… OD


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