Mastercard and Visa cut ties with Pornhub

Posted on 12 Dec. 2020 at 18:26

One of the most visited websites in the world finds itself in a difficult situation, deprived of the most used payment methods in the United States and around the world. After Paypal, Mastercard and Visa announced Thursday that they were cutting their services against the pornographic platform Pornhub, definitively for the first, provisionally, pending the conclusions of the investigation, for the second. The two companies had carried out investigations, following the publication of an article in the “New York Times”, which accused Pornhub of harboring videos of rapes, women filmed without their knowledge, or even minors, among the 7 million videos posted there each year.

“Our investigations in recent days have confirmed violations of our standards prohibiting illegal content on their site,” said a spokesperson for Mastercard. Accordingly, and in accordance with our policies, we have asked the financial institutions that connect the site to our network to terminate it. ” Mastercard also continues to investigate possible breaches on other sites.

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