Martin Scorsese launches a virtual cinema to screen classics of the seventh art

Response to Netflix, which is losing subscribers, the association The Film Foundation of the filmmaker intends to highlight restored works. I know where I’m going by Michael Powell opens the march on May 9.

To promote, save and save classic cinema from oblivion, Martin Scorsese spares no effort and has worked for more than three decades at the head of the association The Film Foundation, which has helped restore nearly a thousand films since its creation.

The association will launch a new initiative on May 9: a virtual screening room (the address of the platform, which is not currently available in France, is here). At the beginning of each month, a feature film will be honoured. May 9 is the gothic romance, a big success at the English box office in 1945, I know where I’m going by Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger who will open the ball. The Film Foundation oversaw its restoration with the British film library, the BFI. The film had had the honors last summer of a Cannes Classics session at the Cannes Film Festival.

Scorsese’s personal connection with Powell

The opportunity for moviegoers to rediscover the story of this ambitious young Englishwoman (Wendy Hiller), desiring a wealthy marriage, who travels to the Hebrides to marry her wealthy older fiancé. When time separates them on different islands, she begins to have doubts about the merits of this arrangement and to be torn between this man and a naval officer (Roger Livesey).

Each work selected by The Film Foundation will be available for a 24-hour window on the second Monday of each month. The online and virtual screening will be accompanied by discussions with historians, filmmakers and archivists who will tell about the restoration process. Like a real cinema session, the event will start at a given time.

I know where I’m going will thus be preceded by an introductory word by Martin Scorsese. Then will intervene Thelma Schoonmaker Powell, the fetish editor of the director of The Irishman and widow of Michael Powell. Martin Scorsese had played the matchmaker between the two artists. Filmmakers Joanna Hogg (Memory), Kevin Macdonald (Found Guilty) and comedienne Tilda Swinton will also take the stage to explain why this film counted in their career and film education.

After I know where I’m going will follow La Strada by Federico Fellini, the Indian classic Kummatty, the black movie Detour by Edgar G. Ulmer, The Escape by Arthur D. Ripley, the Angolan political drama Sambizanga by Sarah Maldoror, Revenge with two faces by Marlon Brando and red Mill by John Houston.


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