Mars is signaling bad for human ambitions

The latest study using NASA spacecraft data shows that the gravitational waves emitted by the red planet could make it increasingly unsuitable for humans to live.

Mars is home to terrible dust storms that humans have never witnessed with their own eyes. But more worrying is that those storms could have the effect of causing the planet to emit gravitational waves. This is the kind of signal emitted by stars and black holes in the process of fusion.

This gravitational wave continues to cause gas in Mars’ atmosphere to leak into space. According to a study just published in the past month in the journal Geophysical Research Letters. This is a very bad phenomenon that anyone who wants to settle or travel to Mars should pay great attention.

Mars’ dust storms are unpredictable, and when they do, they will likely cover a large part of the planet’s area for months.

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The gravitational wave emitted from Mars could make it increasingly unsuitable for life.

Besides the big challenge of how to minimize atmospheric loss, the dust storm also means that settlers or Mars explorers need to find shelter for months, waiting for storms to dissipate. turns without any warning. Considering that settling on Mars has been a pretty bold idea, the extreme climate makes human expeditions more difficult than ever.

The storms themselves have been a problem for any short-term human expedition. Gravitational waves that leak the planet’s already meager atmosphere into space will cause long-term headaches for any settler, or especially to geological reclamation efforts. on the Red Planet.

Settling on Mars, according to study author and physicist at George Mason University, It will be very difficult. “

Although some scientists believe that Mars was once a humid and habitable world in ancient times, atmospheric leakage is a sign of a dry and unfavorable future for the species. people.

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