Marriage can prolong life

Research published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) by a group of Asian experts shows that married couples often have a longer life expectancy.

In the study published May 31, scientists found that couples in China and neighboring Asian countries had a 15% lower overall risk of death than unmarried people. . Married people are also 20% less likely to die from cardiovascular diseases and accidents.

To conduct the study, scientists analyzed the medical records of 623,000 people in mainland China, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea and Singapore over about 15 years. The average age of the volunteers was 54 years old.

Compared with married people, single people have a 17% higher risk of circulatory disease, 14% higher risk of respiratory disease.

Meanwhile, marriage is especially beneficial for men of all ages, and for men and women under 65. One of the reasons why married people live longer is the stability of their economic, social and psychological status.

Previous studies have also shown an association between marital status and overall mortality, but have mainly focused on Western populations. According to the latest research, marriages in East Asia are very special, as couples tend to live in families for more generations than people in Europe and North America.

Research shows that in Asia, married couples tend to live longer than single people. Image: Shutterstock

The scientists also said the “financial burden of single people in Asian societies” may be contributing to the increased mortality rate.

Despite the many benefits of getting married, a growing number of young Asians are choosing not to marry. Part of the reason is that the region is experiencing a period of high economic growth. The change is especially rapid in the cities, combined with the rising cost of living, which makes them feel pressured.

Official data from China shows that the number of newlyweds has steadily declined for eight consecutive years, from 13.47 million couples in 2013 to 7.6 million couples last year, which is almost 50%. .

About 44% of Chinese women and 25% of Chinese men between the ages of 18 and 26 in urban areas said they had no plans to get married, according to a survey by the Youth Federation last October.

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