Mark Zuckerberg is studying in the Chinese tech world

Instagram Reels, Super are the features that show Facebook is learning the Chinese way.

A summary of the article from the perspective of author Chris Stokel-Walker, Business Insider.

On the other side of the “Great Firewall”, the Chinese Internet is a more developed place than the rest of the world. Although the online community here cannot access popular platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, officially, China still has alternative applications such as WeChat, Weibo, Youku …

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China has always had applications to replace popular social networks in the world. Image: Getty Images.

Initially, the restriction of a foreign background was primarily for political purposes and the needs of Chinese business. However, the applications that are created are gradually becoming more apparent than copying ideas from the Silicon Valley tech giants.

Not just apps being copied. Since Western firms re-leased production lines in China in the 1980s, the country has become the place to buy and sell counterfeit items in the world.

However, for now, Facebook has to follow China.

Times change

TikTok is one of the few Chinese platforms that are emerging in the social networking market. With backing from, TikTok has made Silicon Valley tech, including Mark Zuckerberg, fear that applications from China will increasingly prevail, creating a geopolitical effect for online community around the world.

In his public meeting reports in October 2019, Mark understood the impact emerging Asian companies could have.

“One of the remarkable things about TikTok is that its network environment is very similar to major apps in the US. The Chinese domestic market has so many potential social networks. Success in the world will be the locomotive for other applications to reach further ”, said Mark.

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Mark Zuckerberg speaks during a hearing in Washington. Photo: Business Insider.

Mark called it an “interesting phenomenon” and began to learn the Chinese way of doing it.

As an attempt to knock TikTok out of the market, in August 2020, Facebook launched Instagram Reel, a feature similar to TikTok.

To compete with Cameo, an app that allows celebrities to post videos and profit from fans, Facebook created Super, which also has a similar feature.

During competition law hearings in late 2020, emails from Instagram co-founders say they fear that if they don’t sell products to Zuckerberg, Facebook will copy their ideas and swallow them. part.

They call this Facebook strategy a “destructive regime”. Before the allegations above, Mark Zuckerberg was forced to admit the company was “based on the optimal features of top applications”.

Pursuing super apps

This idea to compete is not only used by Facebook. The apps are all trying to be the same. However, no other company has done this as clearly as Facebook.

Facebook is trying to be a super app, the only hub to attract all users to the Facebook ecosystem. Being at the peak allows them to have the potential to crush competitors, force them to fall into the wrong position, or let Facebook buy them back.

Mark Zuckerberg calls policies, censorship and oversight in China a failure that should not recur anywhere in the world. “Is this the Internet people want?”, Mark said of the proliferation of Chinese apps around the world.

However, Facebook is continuing the strategy of copying the market share that China has used for many years.

According to the Zing / Business Insider

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