Marion Cotillard, Angèle, Vincent Cassel, Zlatan Ibrahimovic… The strong cast of the next Asterix

Guillaume Canet, the director, will be Asterix, his sidekick Gilles Lellouche, Obélix. Pierre Richard, Mathieu Chedid and Philippe Katerine are also part of the surprising cast.

In 2021 after Jesus Christ, the gratin of French cinema met on the film set of the new Asterix and Obelix directed by Guillaume Canet. It should start in the next few days. To announce the colossal casting, everyone simultaneously posted on Instagram as a story, the character embodied. The distribution ofAsterix and Obelix: The Middle Kingdom is composed of popular names, which recalls, for better or for worse, that of the adventures of the Gaul at the Olympic Games in 2010.

As announced a few months ago, Guillaume Canet and Gilles Lellouche will fit well in the gaiters of Asterix and Obelix. Among the irreducible, we will also find Jerome Commander in Abraracourcix, Pierre Richard in Panoramix, Philippe Katerine in Assurancetourix, Audrey Lamy in Bonemine, Chicandier in Ordralphabétix and the singer Angela in Falbala. Other Gauls should be added to the merry band, the rapper and actor Orelsan will play a man called Titanix, Bigflo and Oli will be Abdelmalix and Toufix Matthew Chedid will be Remix and Jose garcia – who embodied the infamous Couverdepus in Asterix at the Olympic Games – will play a certain Biopix.

In the Roman camp, celebrities are not left out. And it’s Vincent Cassel who will lead the empire of the antagonists in the guise of Caesar. Among his underlings we will find the youtubers McFly and Carlito in Radius and Cubitus, Vincent Desaganat in Perfidus, Yann Papin the actor and humorist Mr. Fraize in Plexus, Thomas VDB in Sinus and the footballer Zlatan Ibrahimovic in Antivirus.

Also present on the project, Marion Cotillard will lend her nose to Cleopatra, while Jonathan cohen will play the mysterious Graindemaïs, certainly in duet with Ramzy bedia who will camp Epidemaïs. Manu Payet will play the mysterious Ri Qi Qi, Laura Felpin Carioca and Issa Doumbia the well-known lookout of the Baba pirates. Franck Gastambide will be Red beard.

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During their journey through the Middle Kingdom, Asterix and Obelix will also meet several locals, including Tat Han embodied by the Franco-Cambodian Leanna Chea, Princess Fu Yi performed by American presenter Julie Chen, Linh-Dan Pham will be the empress, Tran Vu Tran the Prince of Deng and comedian Bun Hay Mean will camp Deng Tsin Qin.

We do not yet know much about the plot of the film. Interviewed by Variety in january 2020, the producer Alain Attal had only unveiled the main lines of the original screenplay written by Philippe Mechelen, Julien Hervé and Guillaume Canet. While fleeing a malicious prince, the only daughter of Emperor Han Xuandi finds herself in Gaul to ask for help from the diehards. Co-produced with China, Asterix and Obelix: The Middle Kingdom is not expected to be released in theaters until 2022.


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