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Marine Le Pen: “The job of teacher is also to enforce authority”

The cross : In your brochure on the school, you denounce a “intrusive bureaucracy”. Do you intend to grant more autonomy to establishments, allow their heads to recruit teachers or adapt curricula?

Marine Le Pen : The school is over-administered. Like health, where I want to reduce the number of administrative positions to 10%. We must be able to do the same thing in education, in order to give priority to teaching posts. This does not mean granting more autonomy, which would amount to endorsing the current weakness of our system. I don’t want to manage the shortage by allowing certain schools to recruit their teachers. This would aggravate the social differences between establishments. School curricula, for their part, determine the future of a country, and must be defined by the National Assembly.

Do we need an official history textbook ?

MLP: No, from the moment the National Assembly sets a concise and limiting program of what is expected at the end of each cycle, there is no reason to establish an official history. But it will be necessary that the works proposed by the publishers correspond to what the deputies have validated. A ministerial commission will validate the distribution of textbooks in establishments. It is up to the department to exercise this upstream control.

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You want to make the history of France a vector of transmission. Should the national novel be taught?

MLP: This concept aims to create controversy. I simply wish that French children could know that France is a great country, which has done admirable things in the world, which has been copied, which has had an influence in the defense of rights, freedoms, that we had great men and great women. They must be able to be proud of their country. It is also necessary to integrate one hour of regional history per week, in mainland France and overseas. Because I believe in rooting.

Even if it means ignoring the history of immigration?

MLP: There are ideological biases in the teaching of history today. For political reasons, this or that aspect should absolutely be valued… In terms of immigration, I believe in the right to indifference, not the right to be different. With the assimilation that I advocate, immigrants who choose to join France and be adopted by it become French. They blend into the national community and therefore into national history.

Should the European flag disappear from the front of schools?

MLP: With me, it will be the French flag.

Even if you have given up on leaving Europe?

MLP: It doesn’t change anything.

Does this mean that children should feel exclusively French?

MLP: French children can feel European too. They live on a planet, but that’s no reason to place the planet’s flag on the front of the schools.

What measures are you considering to prevent violence in establishments?

MLP: I want to end the “no waves”, by restoring authority in the school. There must be internal regulations that apply. A sanction must be associated with any act of indiscipline. And when this act is similar to a crime, it is necessary that, automatically, the prosecutor is seized and that he continues, without possibility of classification without follow-up. Professors must be able to teach in calm and serenity, with the authority conferred on them by the institution.

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Your program mentions sanctions for personnel who do not show sufficient firmness. What order?

MLP: The teacher is also responsible for serenity in the classroom. He cannot let go of behaviors that deprive children of opportunities and can lead to rejection from school. All teachers must contact the head of the establishment each time an act is committed calling for a sanction provided for in the rules of procedure. Otherwise, it will be mentioned in their file and may hinder their progress. The teaching profession is also about making authority respected.

You propose, within the framework of a referendum on immigration, not to renew the residence permit of foreigners who have been unemployed for a year. What fate will be reserved for their children educated in France?

MLP: They will leave with their parents. The schooling of foreign children in France is a transitional measure to avoid a break in their school career, it is not a right ad vitam aeternam. The rules of the game will change one year after the referendum, to give everyone time to look back. Furthermore, I don’t want the free schooling of the children of illegal immigrants to result in their inability to deport their parents.

You want to ban the wearing of the Islamic veil for accompanying persons on school trips. With what arguments?

MLP: I will remove the veil everywhere in the public space, and not only for accompanying mothers. Because it is a clothing element of the Islamist ideology, a totalitarian ideology.

Do you expect private education to do more in favor of social diversity?

MLP: No, ensuring social diversity, merit, equal opportunities, is the role of the State. When we do not assume our responsibilities, we are not going to ask the private sector to assume them in our place. It is because we let national education collapse that the private sector has become so attractive.

The learning time of French schoolchildren is one of the most concentrated in the world. You want to significantly increase primary school hours. How?

MLP: By restoring school everywhere in primary schools on Wednesday mornings and keeping full days on the other days of the week. Teachers will work an extra three hours and be paid accordingly.

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You want to increase teachers’ salaries by 15%. With what counterparties?

MLP: I do not wish, unlike Emmanuel Macron, to impose additional charges on teachers in return for I don’t know what carrot. The wage increase is a catch-up. The increase in working time in primary will lead to a proportional increase in salary, in addition to the 15% increase.

What is your position vis-à-vis Parcoursup?

MLP: I reform it, because it is a machine to manufacture traumatized people. I don’t think stress is necessary for orientation. And the new system, ideally without an algorithm, must take full account of the results obtained in the baccalaureate, which must once again become a real national examination.


The other measures of the RN candidate for the school

The baccalaureate reform will be repealed. The baccalaureate “will regain its status as a national terminal examination”, with an “enhanced” level.

Lack of attendance of students sanctioned. Marine Le Pen advocates a return to the Ciotti law of 2010, which provides for the suspension of family allowances and school grants in the event of proven absenteeism and serious and repeated disturbances within establishments.

Generalized splitting of classes. The far-right candidate wants to extend to all large section and CP classes this emblematic measure of the Macron five-year term, hitherto reserved for priority education.

Overhaul of teacher training. It will first be necessary to have obtained a master’s degree to be able to present itself to the competitions. Once admitted, future teachers will be trained by experienced peers.


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