Marine Le Pen promotes BAC Nord against “Macron’s media show” in Marseille

In a tweet posted on September 1, the president of the National Rally encourages her supporters to go see Cédric Jimenez’s phocean thriller. An attempt to recover this fiction which, according to her, shows a “terrible reality” to fight.

Quietly, the controversy swelled. Until Fiachra Gibbons, Irish journalist for AFP, did not verbalize this during the presentation of BAC North in Cannes, in July. “First of all, congratulations, it’s a great movie, very, very, very strong», He began. Before starting hostilities: “But there is one thing that bothered me: we are in an election year. I saw [ce film] with a foreign eye and I’m like, ‘Oh, maybe I’ll vote Le Pen after that.’ ” Laughs – yellow – in the press room.

Gibbons then fiercely attacked the so-called French vision of these territories, which he said were described as “Areas outside civilization”, reproaching the director, Cédric Jimenez, to present the people of cities as “beasts”. Despite the filmmaker’s justifications, recalling in particular his past in these neighborhoods, and retorting that he hoped that Marine Le Pen would not pass thanks to him, the subject continued to hover. And the political recovery was quick.

“The cinema is not the public prosecutor”

On September 1, lambasting the President of the Republic and his “Media show in Marseille” – city chosen by Emmanuel Macron for his political comeback -, the president of the National Rally and candidate already declared the supreme magistracy published a message on Twitter inviting to go and watch the film. “Go see him !, she said. Become aware of this terrible reality and the urgency to regain control. ” What to comfort the detractors of the feature film.

Because some have pointed to the film poster, where “bacqueux” stand in the center of the image, dressed in bulletproof vests and surrounded by young people from the city, shirtless and masked faces. Others protested against the choice of the director who espouses, it is true, the point of view of three cops pushed to cross the limits of legality by their hierarchy. Modesty “off topic”, judge Nicolas Mathieu, winner of the Goncourt prize in 2018 for his novel Their children after them, in a review of the work published on his Instagram account.

“Among the criticisms addressed to this excellent thriller, many are disqualified from the outset by the very principle of the genre, he recalls. North Bac is only replaying at new costs and with a fairly remarkable efficiency the classic archi scenario of the becoming thug of those who are supposed to represent the law.He adds that “The film is not only about the police but also about three cops, three individuals of desire and flesh, and that a fiction which has no empathy for its characters does not have the slightest meaning”. Before concluding : “That there is a moral of the points of view, it is obvious. But the cinema is not the public prosecutor. Its function cannot be to represent the interests of society. “

Faced with this instrumentalisation of BAC North, Marine Le Pen contributes to weaken the message, if not the ambition of this achievement. “I might as well tell you that if the film BAC North becomes the totem pole of the extreme right, there is no chance that I will go see it “, asserts in particular an Internet user on social networks.

With soon a million entries, BAC North remains one of the most important successes of the summer. As for Cédric Jimenez, who certainly did not expect this counter-publicity, the filmmaker is already working on a new film, November, starring Jean Dujardin. A film dedicated to the intervention, on November 13, 2015, of the research and intervention brigade (BRI) at Bataclan.


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