Marina Foïs: “Yes, the Caesars were violent last year, but violence is sometimes necessary”

INTERVIEW – The actress, mistress of ceremony of the 46e Night of the Caesar, looks back on the trials crossed for a year by the academy and promises an evening mixing “The first degree, the lightness, the seriousness, the political and the absurd”.

Mistress of the next Cesar ceremony, this Friday, March 12, live from the Olympia (but without an audience) and broadcast on Canal + in clear, Marina Foïs returns to the task that awaits her. That of presenting the first evening after the torments (Polanski-Haenel) which led the Academy of French cinema to reform. Assisted by Blanche Gardin and Laurent Lafitte for the writing of her texts, the actress plans to mix good humor and reflection. Explanations.

LE FIGARO – In what state of mind are you compared to last year’s ceremony?

MARINA FOÏS – Long before the last ceremony, there was the problem of the governance of the Caesar and the published forum asking that the system be if not called into question, at least questioned. The Covid slowed things down but, after the ceremony, provisional statutes allowed the drafting of new statutes, the election of a new management … This one (led by Véronique Cayla and Éric Toledano, Editor’s note) work

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