Marina Foïs: “It’s the least of things to have prospects, otherwise it’s a serious contempt”

The mistress of ceremonies of the 46e edition of the César to be held on March 12 spoke at the microphone of France Inter. She returns there on the tests crossed for a year by the French seventh art. And evokes the government’s policy towards the entertainment world.

Wielding the tongue is not his strong point. Mistress of the next César ceremony, on March 12, Marina Foïs spoke on Monday at Léa Salamé’s microphone on the task that awaits her, the crisis that the prestigious academy has gone through, the future of cinema as well as that the anger of people in the culture sector affected for a year now.

While the journalist from France Inter did not fail to salute the courage of the actress who agreed to host a ceremony largely tarnished last year by the Caesar given to Roman Polanski and the theatrical departure of Adèle Haenel from at the Salle Pleyel, Marina Foïs was quite calm: “I think family crises are inevitable and interesting. At the level of the Academy, its regulations, its future statutes, we have changed a lot of things. Parity is OK, all of the Academy’s bodies are strictly equal. There is still a lot of work to be done on diversity, and on the college of voters, which is 4,500 people, 64% of whom are men. By diversifying this population, the votes will be different and the winners will no longer be the same.

The hiccups of last year were, according to her, a necessary evil to pose and defuse problems. “If we are afraid of this domestic violence, we have ignited it. Violence, it does not scare me if it is emotional and reactive (…) You have to tell yourself that this family is beautiful because it is multiple. The Caesars are a place where you have to mix. And it is a chance.

“Dance, denounce, mess around”

Marina Foïs therefore loves her “family” and intends to prove it on March 12, supported by the earthy Blanche Gardin and Laurent Lafitte for the writing of her texts. Despite the pandemic which requires a ceremony without an audience, it will ensure “that the scene looks like a normal ceremony, there will be presenters and winners, an orchestra conducted by Benjamin Biolay…“. Without forgetting to infuse this clever mixture of good humor and reflection, the actress intending to rely on the famous rule of the three “ D ” of Alain Chabat: “Dance, denounce, mess around.”

Serious contempt

Finally, when Marina Foïs projects herself into the future, she seems confident about a revival of the cinema, welcoming the “unalterable faith producers, distributors and directors“And firmly believing in the will of the public to come together in a room for”share emotions“.

It nonetheless remains very critical of the government and, more specifically, of its management of the cultural sector damaged by the pandemic. Asked about the anger of entertainment professionals from all sectors, who today called on the State to “Change method” for “Deconfining culture”, the actress did not spare his words.“It’s the least of things to have a timeline and outlook, otherwise it’s a serious contempt. We’ve been closed for a year, all the “fingers crossed” are extremely violent and a great approximation. Assume the choice that is yours: we are closing cultural places in favor of certain others. If we are told “we have no choice”, we are despised.


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