Maradona, the proletarian with golden feet

What a life, Dieguito! A crazy cavalcade, made of dribbling to make you dizzy, magical counter-feet, head shots, rascals. Maradona, despite her belly, declining health for decades, has gone through her existence like a meteorite. His legend is made of a mixture like no other, between the absolute genius and the night owl destroying itself with a constant wounded man. A genius of football, but a fragile little man, embroiled in the delirium of a global celebrity. Too hard for the kid out of the Villa Fiorito slum, in the suburbs of Buenos Aires?

Diego Maradona is dead

His father, a worker on construction sites and his mother, a cleaning lady, peasants from the poor province of Corrientes, who came to the capital to survive, barely see their cherub grow. They do not know that Dieguito spends his days in the streets touching the ball, on dirt roads or in public places transformed into dream stadiums. The kid is gifted. He juggles like no one else. And, as legend has it, he was spotted by a recruiter when he was only 10 years old. The following ? A long journey on the paths of the glory of the round ball.

The “small”, despite its size too short, has feline supports which allow it to overcome the best defenses. He juggles, juggles, the one who is now nicknamed “El Pibe de Oro”, the golden kid. Argentina national team at 16, transferred to Barcelona, ​​despite the reluctance of the military junta to see him leave. In the mythical Catalan club, we imagined it triumphant. Wrongly. The idol has one annoying flaw for a high-level athlete: he likes to play around, hang out in a nightclub until dawn, and get caught up in the little world of cocaine. He will hardly ever get out.

Rock star in troubled waters

His genius took him to Naples, where he was worshiped as a demigod. The people of the most modest Spanish quarters revere him as an icon. “El Pibe” is like them, he comes from the “barrio”, from the area. He was made by calf strength, thanks to his art of swaying in the heart of a defense. His bad actions? A kick in the stomach of an opponent, bloodshot which provoked general fights, his famous goal scored by hand against England at the World Cup in 1986, in Spain, the famous “hand of God », Performed on the referee’s nose and beard? The opposite of cheating, but rather a blessing from heaven. In Maradona, there is indeed “Madona”. This guy is a cousin of Jesus Christ.

“Maradona received too much love or not as it should be”

The Neapolitans love everything about him. His rebellious side, disciple of Fidel Castro, of whom he says to be the second son, his attachment to the Peron spouses, champions of a Latin America taunting the American ogre, his flashes on the lawns of the Peninsula. Santo Maradona? He could almost have been sanctified by Rome before returning to end his days in Buenos Aires, where he has just passed away. But, on his way, he crossed paths with the devil, the hell of cocaine. The rock star falls into a frenetic addiction, frequents troubled characters, light girls, becomes, according to many police officers, the plaything of the Camorra. His hostage? The American anti-drug agency, the DEA, even suspects him of using his diplomatic passport and his celebrity to play the “mules”, the carriers of white powder, between South America and Europe. A repentant Camorra killer accuses him of being a “puppi”, a puppet in the hands of the Neapolitan Mafia. Paradox: his image was not altered by his “dark years”. His fans continue to erect statues and pray for him, so that we never forget the kid from Villa Fiorito, his unparalleled footwork, his lightning accelerations and his draw of a proletarian intoxicated with glory and strong alcohol.

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