Many YouTube channels make money by posting fake news about US elections

Many YouTube channels are making a lot of money by falsifying the 2020 US presidential election figures and attaching ads.

Hours before the states officially closed the votes, many accounts broadcast the 2020 US presidential election live on YouTube, attracting tens of thousands of audiences around the world. The content of the majority of these videos is untrue.

When looking for keywords related to the White House race on the world’s largest video platform, the top 8/20 results showed fake metrics, ad-linked to monetize audience views. . In particular, a channel owns 1.4 million followers, the remaining 4 channels receive YouTube’s verification mark.

Although not under the management of any political organization or news center, the live broadcasts above easily “take over” the big TV stations like CNN, CBS… According to the Insider, The election results obtained by these channels livestream are fake, false.

Get information from Insider, the YouTube team quickly removed some of the above videos under the pretext of “violating the policy on spam and phishing”.

“After thorough testing, we will remove some of the livestreams for violating YouTube’s policy on spam and phishing. We will continue to review content regarding the 2020 US election results.” , quoting YouTube’s response.

YouTube account Seven Hip-Hop livestream fabricated figures of the US presidential election 2020. Photo: Insider.

In addition, the YouTube side also pinned the caption at the top of the search results related to the race to the White House with the content: “The results below are not official. Update the latest data on Google”. This message is linked to a live counter, which shows the current tallying results.

Before that, when typing the keyword “US election”, the first result was a live broadcast of the Seven Hip-Hop channel, specializing in posting music videos with 650,000 followers. At the time of deletion, the channel’s livestreaming results attracted 26,000 viewers and comments.

Most of the aforementioned channels used fake figures from 270toWin and RealClearPolitics. According to the news site Slate, 270toWin is “the most attractive US election website” by allowing users to predict voting results with just a few clicks. Therefore, many Americans use this site to create fake data and post it on the Internet.

Before YouTube, other social networking platforms have set up content censorship policies specifically for this election. Twitter, for example, will label posts with race-related content on the White House, noting that users need to check with official announcements from the authorities and news agencies.

According to the Zing

Twitter is tough, Facebook is holding back on US election day

Twitter is tough, Facebook is holding back on US election day

Facebook and Twitter have just made two opposite moves on the 2020 US presidential election day.


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