Many inadequacies when declaring F0 online

Mr. Tuan, 26 years old, spent a day struggling to declare positive rapid test information on the online software of the Hanoi Department of Health; Health stations in Ho Chi Minh City recorded only 10-20% of F0’s successful online declaration.

Mr. Tuan lives in Hoang Mai district, more than a week ago, he declared at the address many times, but the system does not send the OTP code as instructed, nor know if the information has been received by the medical party or not. He had just tested positive for himself, had to take time off work during the quarantine days, so he needed to be issued an F0 certificate by the ward medical station to carry out the procedures for enjoying social insurance. Hanoi Department of Health applies online F0 declaration and certification software, Mr. Tuan does not need to go directly to the ward medical station.

However, after an afternoon of online declaration but failed, Mr. Tuan still had to call the ward medical station. The medical staff here sent another declaration link. This time, he successfully registered, was included in the general medical liaison group of the ward.

“I’m not at risk of getting worse, I don’t need medical care, but I still fully declare it to be able to apply for insurance for the days off work,” he said. Before that, Tuan’s sister had Covid-19 and had to go to the ward and wait in line for a whole day to wait for the declaration.

The online method of declaring and issuing F0 certification has been implemented by Ho Chi Minh City before Hanoi, some F0 also reflect that it is difficult to implement. Ms. Thanh Thuy, 32 years old, in Binh Thanh district, said that her whole family had symptoms of fatigue, cough and fever, and quickly tested positive for Covid-19. She reported it to the neighborhood group and was instructed to report it via the address

To complete the declaration for the couple, the 70-year-old father-in-law and the 9-year-old son, it took her nearly an hour because she had to take a photo of the test strip, take both sides of each person’s citizen identification, and re-enter the information many times for both. 4. Sometimes when you have filled in all the information, just click “save”, the software will fail, delete all data, have to work from the beginning. Her son does not have a citizen ID card, so he has to share his mother’s photo.

“It took time because the software did not let me declare by household, I had to re-declare at least 4 times for 4 people even though I had the same positive date information and the same address,” Thuy shared.

Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi have the highest number of Covid-19 cases in the country. The Departments of Health of the two localities have simultaneously opened many “receiving doors” so that all F0s can be isolated at home, such as going to medical stations; declare via hotline, chat group of the residential group; scan QR code. From the first half of March, two cities applied digital technology in monitoring, management and care and treatment of F0 at home..

Leaders of the two cities explained the implementation of digital transformation in order to unify the F0 management focal point, reduce the load on health stations and help people make flexible declarations, avoid crowded gatherings and cause infection, without having to wait. long time for waiting. Instead of having to go directly to the declaration station to be confirmed as F0, people just need to sit at home, fill out the application completely to be recognized as having Covid-19, issue a certificate of completion of medical isolation, electronic resignation letter. Although it is considered convenient, the initial stage of digital transformation still faces many difficulties.

According to Dr. Mai (medical officer of O Cho Dua ward, Dong Da district, Hanoi), in fact, most people still declare in the old way because they have not had access to the online declaration method. The reason is that the response is not received, the processing is slow, the procedures are many, the elderly do not know how to declare online…

In some wards in Ho Chi Minh City, after more than ten days of digital transformation, it is estimated that the number of F0 successfully declared and confirmed through the system is only about 10-20%. To date, about 60,000 new F0s in Ho Chi Minh City have been recorded through this software, according to Ms. Nguyen Thi Huynh Mai, Chief of Office of the HCMC Department of Health.

Mr. Tuan sent the image of the quick test strip through the online platform to the staff of the ward medical station and declared it according to the link sent by the ward to be confirmed as F0. Photo: Characters provided

Not only people have difficulty, Ward health stations also have problems when managing F0 at home with new software. Heads of medical stations in Ho Chi Minh City such as ward 6 (Go Vap), ward 13 (district 4), and Linh Chieu ward (Thu Duc city), said that in the early days of implementing this system, it had not yet brought about high efficiency. Many inadequacies of the system were pointed out by health stations, such as people reporting lack of information, so station staff could not confirm they were F0, had to call back for additional instructions. In many cases F0 is the elderly, it is difficult to perform the exact declaration steps required by the system.

In addition, people who do not take pictures of positive test strips cannot declare through the application, forced to switch to another form of declaration. Or the risk group warning feature is not accurate, many young F0s, have no underlying disease, no symptoms, have had all three vaccines but are still labeled red – high risk.

The system also has not integrated the commitment slip to use drug package C, eligible users still have to meet directly with medical staff to sign the commitment. If the medical staff mistakenly presses the F0 confirmation result or completes the isolation, the information will not be corrected.

Some medical stations have not yet applied electronic signatures, so in addition to receiving F0 online, the station has not been able to issue F0 certifications, completion of isolation, and social insurance leave papers in the online form. In addition, many medical stations lack computers, or old computers and weak networks, so when working on software, they are often “splashed” out.

“The regulation to declare positive results within 5 days is not reasonable. There have been cases where people declared positive in the morning to be confirmed as F0, and declared negative in the afternoon to end isolation,” said Mr. Vo. Truong Giap, Head of the medical station of Ward 6, Go Vap, said.

Mr. Vo Truong Giap, Head of the medical station of Ward 6, Go Vap checked the newly declared F0 information on the software of the Department of Health of Ho Chi Minh City.  Photo: Thu Anh

Mr. Vo Truong Giap, Head of the medical station in Ward 6, Go Vap, checked the newly declared F0 information on the software of the Department of Health of Ho Chi Minh City. Photo: English Letters

According to the Chief of Office of the Ho Chi Minh City Department of Health, the city has recorded errors reported by health stations since testing the system. These errors have been and will be gradually overcome to perfect the optimal software. Particularly, the electronic signature will be registered by the People’s Committees of districts and Thu Duc City with the authorities. The Department of Health also suggested that the grassroots health care be proactive in equipping new computers to overcome difficulties in current facilities. “Medical digital transformation is an inevitable trend, the first step is inevitable,” said Ms. Mai.

Mr. Nguyen Tien Si, Deputy Director of the Department of Information and Communications at the meeting of the Steering Committee for Disease Prevention and Control in Hanoi on March 25, said that the unit is completing information on communication software to support Administrative procedures for F0 to be treated at home, including test sheets, outpatient prescriptions, confirmation of completion of treatment, confirmation of leave of absence from social insurance. Currently, Hanoi’s system can ensure stability with the ability to meet more than 10,000 visitors at the same time.

Mr. Truong Ky Phong, Director of the Health Center of Ha Dong District, Hanoi, also said that although the epidemic has cooled down, the grassroots healthcare is less overloaded, but when making the online F0 declaration, medical staff still need Closer monitoring, ensuring information authenticity and fastest F0 support.

* Names of some characters have been changed

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