Many great scientists gather for the VinFuture Awards Week

The presence of the holders of prestigious scientific awards such as: Nobel, Millennium Technology, Breakthrough at the upcoming VinFuture Awards Week affirms the global position of the first science and technology award initiated by Vietnamese people.

Outstanding minds of the contemporary world

One of the most respected names in the global scientific community about to appear in Vietnam is Prof. Sir. Richard Henry Friend from the University of Cambridge (UK). He is also the Chairman of the VinFuture Awards Council.

Possessing more than 20 patents, authoring and co-authoring more than 1,000 scientific publications, Prof. Friend is currently one of the most influential “big trees” in the world. In particular, the British Royal Knight is also the owner of the 2010 Millennium Technology Prize – the Millennium Technology Prize of the same stature as the Nobel.

The research is ranked among the best in the twentieth century by Prof. Friend on OLED helped him not only make his mark in the global academic community but also become known around the world. Today, in almost every home, there is at least one device that applies the lifelong research results of Prof. Friend, it’s a TV screen, an OLED phone.

In the opening event for VinFuture Awards Week, January 18, Prof. Friend will have an exchange with Vietnamese researchers to share about the passion, achievements and sacrifices of scientists.

Also at this exchange, the Vietnamese public will have a rare opportunity to meet the owner of the 2018 Nobel Prize in Physics – Prof. Gérard Albert Mourou from the École Polytechnique (France). A pioneer in the fields of electrical and laser engineering, he is also the “father” of ultra-short pulse laser amplification (CPA) technology.

The sharp laser beam by GS. The created Mourou can cut or drill holes through various materials with extreme precision, even with living matter. Technology helps perform eye surgeries for millions of people each year. The technology is also expected to bring breakthrough changes in cancer treatment and other physical research in the future.

A face that is also particularly expected is Dr. Katalin Kariko – the “unsung hero” behind the mRNA vaccine against Covid-19. In 2020, while the world health system is still reeling in the fight for the lives of severe Covid-19 patients, vaccines from Moderna (USA) and Pfizer (USA)/BioNTech (Germany) was born like a miracle. Those are two mRNA vaccines that were developed at a record speed – just a few months – based on the research results that Dr. Kariko persisted for many decades.

Before Covid-19, few could imagine a lightning-fast “weapon” that could save the lives of billions of people like an mRNA vaccine. Breakthrough achievements brought to Dr. Kariko won the prestigious Breakthrough Award in 2021. She was also voted by the prestigious Time magazine as “Hero of the Year” and Top 100 Most Influential People in the World 2021.

Participating in the VinFuture Awards Week, January 19, Prof. Kariko will have a sharing session on “The future of health”. Here, in addition to the little-known story of the 30-year arduous scientific journey before reaching the peak of glory, Dr. Kariko will give analyzes and perspectives on the advancement of medicine in life, especially hot issues surrounding humanity’s fight with the Covid-19 pandemic.

World-class science event

The pinnacle science and technology “party” of VinFuture also had the participation of the Breakthrough 2021 award holder, Prof. Drew Weissman and Prof. Pieter R. Cullis. Both are “heroes” standing side by side with Dr. Katalin Kariko to create an mRNA vaccine, saving the world from the “storm” of Covid-19.

Also within the framework of the VinFuture Awards Week, the Vietnamese scientific community and public will have the opportunity to meet and interact with the author of the Tenofovir gel invention for the first time. This is a revolutionary achievement, helping to prevent the transmission of HIV and many other infectious diseases. That’s the GS couple. Quarraisha Abdool Karim and Salim Abdool Karim – epidemiologists pioneering the fight against HIV/AIDS.

Taking place in the first days of the new year 2022, VinFuture Awards Week is considered one of the most important events of the global science and technology community, where “scientific stars” gather. of the contemporary world. Here, the owners of prestigious awards with a total value of up to 4.5 million USD will be officially revealed.

Many great scientists gather for the VinFuture Awards Week

“It is a study that benefits hundreds of millions, even billions of people. The work will certainly continue to create great value for humanity in the future”, Prof. Nguyen Thuc Quyen, University of California (USA), co-chair of the VinFuture Award Preliminary Council, revealed the work that won the top prize, worth 3 million USD.

“In addition, there are many excellent works, which have been nominated for prestigious international awards, putting VinFuture on par with the oldest and most prestigious awards in the world.”

In another perspective, GS. Friend, Chairman of the VinFuture Awards Council, affirmed that recognizing and honoring research achievements at awards such as VinFuture will help promote diversity in the scientific community and expand access opportunities for more people. subjects in the field of science and technology.

“Through raising awareness of breakthroughs in science and technology, we can break down barriers, bring attention to new developments, and inspire future generations.” The 2010 Millennium Technology Prize winner evaluates VinFuture’s international contributions.

Taking place from January 18 to 21, 2022, the VinFuture Awards Week includes the following events: Exchange with the Award Council and the Preliminary Council (January 18 morning), the Seminar “Science for Life”. ” (January 19). The focus of the series of events is the VinFuture Awards Ceremony held on the evening of January 20 at the Hanoi Opera House and Live TV on VTV1 and major domestic and international social networking platforms.
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