Many Facebook story posts are muted because of music piracy

June 17, 2022 11:57 GMT+7

Many Facebook users in Vietnam reported being muted because the music in their stories was pirated.

On some Facebook groups in Vietnam, many people said that their story posts (the piece of content usually lasts 24 hours) has music turned off due to copyright infringement.

User name Le Hoang Q. posted a story in which there is a song performed by Manbo, Chanee. But his post only shows images, music has been turned off, with the message “Disabled due to a copyright complaint”.

A post on a Facebook story is muted for copyright infringement. (Photo: Le Hoang Q.)

Another user named Phuong T. also had music problems when uploading pictures to the story. Akano’s music she used as the background for the article has been muted, along with the same message as above.

Not only trending songs, some popular songs like Happy Birthday. User name Hien T. was quite upset when posting a story with this song but no sound (however, when PV ICTnews posted a test story with this song performed by Jovanie, the music was still not turned off).

ICTnews contacted Facebook’s person in charge of communications in the Vietnamese market but has not been able to reach it.

In its music use policy on Facebook, the social network said it “would like to encourage the expression of music on Facebook, while ensuring that we endorse agreements with music copyright holders”.

Particularly for live videos, the social network says “there is no limit to the music in a story or a traditional musical performance (e.g. filming an artist or band performing live music). theirs).

In principle when recording live video, Facebook says that the fuller the music video, the more likely it is to be restricted (e.g. muted or blocked), shorter music clips should be used, and always there is a visual element in the video, the audio in it shouldn’t be the main purpose of the video.


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