Many districts in Hanoi will attach address plates with numbers of houses and offices

The installation of digital address plates will be piloted depending on demand in Hoang Mai, Hoan Kiem, Nam Tu Liem, Dong Anh and Thach That districts.

According to information from the Hanoi Department of Information and Communications (TT&TT), in the coming time, the city will notify the digital address and attach the digital address to the owner/manager of the object tagged on the website. locality.

This is part of the plan to deploy a national digital address platform associated with digital maps under the Hanoi Digital Transformation Program.

Specifically, the Hanoi Department of Information and Communications will be the focal point to receive digital address code data from the Vietnam Post Corporation (the national digital address platform developer).

The digital address code data will then be handed over to the district level and then to the communes and wards and notified to the owner or manager of the object assigned the digital address.

These are the owners, users of houses, production and business establishments, works of individuals, households and legal representatives of the offices of agencies, organizations and enterprises assigned to them. number address.

People will actively attach digital address plates depending on their needs.

In the next step, a digital address plate will be attached to the object or building. This address plate is designed in accordance with the characteristics of Hanoi city on the basis of the general model prescribed by the Ministry of Information and Communications.

According to the Hanoi Department of Information and Communications, on the basis of the provided digital address code and instructions on the unified digital address plate form of the city, the owner, the user, the legal representative of the object (house, business establishments, offices) will actively attach digital address plates according to demand.

The mounting of digital address plates will be piloted in Hoang Mai, Hoan Kiem, Nam Tu Liem districts and 2 districts of Dong Anh and Thach That.

The implementation of assigning digital addresses to those in need will promote the development of e-commerce.

Digital address is a collection of information to determine the location and coordinates of a place name or any object attached to the land (object assigned a digital address).

The digital address will include the digital address code and the digital address information fields. A digital address code consists of a set of 10 numeric characters. In which, the first 5 characters are the area code (determining the ward, commune level administrative unit,…) and the following 5 characters are the extension code (randomly assigned to each object).

The use of digital addresses is the solution to the problem of mining and building specialized digital maps to serve the needs of management and socio-economic development.

Trong Dat


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