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Many cities including Mariupol bled in Russian attack, Zelensky asked for weapons from allies

The fierce battle between Ukraine and Russia continues for the 53rd day. Many cities of Ukraine have been destroyed. The situation is very bad in many cities. Mariupol has been bled by the same Russian attack. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said on Saturday that the situation in Mariupol was “inhuman”. Zelensky once again appealed to his allies to provide heavy weapons to protect the city from Russian forces. He urged leaders of other countries to intervene as soon as possible to provide weapons or to force Russia into further talks towards peace.

Zelensky again asked for weapons from allies

Russian troops have maintained a blockade in Mariupol since the early days of the attack. President Zelensky has urged allies to immediately provide heavy weapons to counter Russian troops. Citizens trapped in the fight for control of the city are suffering from hunger and thirst. Citizens are paying a heavy price for this war. Zelensky also announced that a large-scale project is underway to rebuild housing in areas devastated by the shelling. The announcement came as Russian forces intensified attacks in Kyiv and its adjoining areas on Saturday, responding to Ukrainians and their Western supporters.

Many cities including Kyiv, Mariupol bled

On Saturday, about ten days after Russian troops left Kyiv, the Ukrainian capital was again struck by attacks. According to media reports, several explosions have been carried out by the Russian army in Darnitsky, the eastern part of Kyiv. Russian troops carried out airstrikes on at least eight cities, including the capital Kyiv. The Ukrainian government claims that many innocent civilians have died due to these attacks, while hundreds have been injured. Let us inform that since the order of military action from 24 February, Russian soldiers have been continuously targeting different cities of Ukraine.

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