Many Axie Infinity gamers were scammed and lost money because of a rare incident

More than 150 Axie Infinity gamers have been scammed by hackers and appropriated up to nearly 100,000 USD.

Recently, Axie Infinity’s Discord account was attacked by bad guys and took control. The attacker then posted a message from the Axie Infinity community’s own Discord account to trick users into visiting a fake website and connecting it to their crypto wallet.

As a result of the incident, 155 Axie Infinity players became victims of scammers. The total estimated cryptocurrency loss in the incident was $98,600.

Many Axie Infinity gamers are scammed to lose money because of a rare incident.

After the above incident, Axie Infinity officially confirmed the incident. The billion-dollar game says a scammer tricked their support staff into sharing his account. This led to the bad guys taking control of Axie Infinity’s Discord account, even though the account had two-factor authentication enabled.

This is not an uncommon incident because humans are always the weakest link in all security processes. Hackers often create phishing attacks with the target of humans.

Before the loss of players, Axie Infinity said that it is planning to refund those who have stolen property. They also tighten control and reduce the number of administrators who can access accounts on their social media channels. In addition, Axie Infinity will work with Discord to find ways to better address security issues.

Discord is currently a social media channel often used by blockchain and game projects to connect and manage and support their user community. The tool currently has 140 million users around the world and is frequently targeted by hackers.

In a report by cybersecurity firm Sophos, the number of malware links spreading on Discord has increased 140-fold in just one year. This result is based on a survey conducted in mid-July 2021.

Before this fact, Discord users need to be really careful when accessing the links posted on it. Even if these links are shared by an official account of the game publisher as in the case of Axie Infinity.

Trong Dat


The company “father” of the game Axie Infinity is valued at $ 3 billion

Immediately after this news, the total capitalization of Axie Infinity skyrocketed to $ 8.5 billion. Axie Infinity is also the largest Vietnamese blockchain project ever.


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