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Man hired a woman to slap her for using Facebook, know what Elon Musk said

Facebook Viral: Indian-American hired to slap a woman every time she used Facebook. Once again this news has caught the attention of people on the internet. The reason for that is two emoji sent by billionaire Elon Musk. In fact, Manish Sethi, the founder of Pavlok brand, had hired a woman to slap her whenever he used Facebook. He hired that woman through the American advertising website Craigslist. For this work, he used to pay $ 8 every hour so that during this time when he worked in a cafe or at home, the woman would sit in front of him.

What did Manish Sethi write in the advertisement?

Manish Sethi wrote in his 2012 advertisement, ‘When I waste my time, you will have to shout at me or slap if needed.’ He wrote in his blog, ‘Earlier my average work was only 35 to 40 percent, but since Kara sitting in front of me, my work efficiency has increased rapidly to 98 percent.’ There has been a lot of discussion about Manish Sethi’s experience in the year 2012. But now after about 9 years, the emoji sent by Elon Musk has again caught the attention of the people.

emoji post on the experience of being slapped

The founder of Tesla and SpaceX has posted two emoji on Sethi’s story slapping experience. After this Manish Sethi, while replying to Musk, wrote on Twitter – I am the only boy in this picture. Is Elon Musk giving me two emojis this will be my most reach so far?

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