Malcolm & Marie, in love and in cinema as in war on Netflix

CRITICAL – Zendaya and John David Washington play a couple of artists who settle their accounts in front of Sam Levinson’s camera. A closed door, shot last spring, in the secrecy of confinement, of stunning beauty and violence.

The coronavirus has brought the movie industry to the ground. Rough diamonds can also spring from this annihilation. Phone Malcolm & Marie, suffocating conjugal camera which sees a couple of artists plunge into a night of dispute and reconciliation.

Malcolm (John David Washington flexible as a cat) is a director. Marie (Zendaya) is a model trying to break into Hollywood. They return from the premiere of his film. He was given a standing ovation. In the euphoria of the moment, Malcolm forgot to thank Marie even though his feature film was inspired by his life and his addictions. Around a bowl of macaroni and cheese, the curation begins. Everything goes there. Resentment, film critics and their political reading of works, emotional dependence, fragile egos, what fiction steals from reality …

Love as much as the seventh art does not emerge unscathed from this Socratic dialogue in which we dare to pronounce the word “solipsism”. Each partner presses where it hurts, the

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