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Major train accident in Montana, USA, three people died, many people were injured

US Train Accident: Three people were killed and many were injured in a major train accident in the US state of Montana on Saturday. Giving information about this incident, rail operator Amtrak said that five coaches of the train derailed, due to which this accident happened. This train runs from Seattle to Chicago. The accident happened at around four o’clock in the afternoon on Saturday US time.

Rail operator Amtrak has issued a statement regarding the accident. According to this statement, “147 passengers and 13 crew members were present in the train at the time of the accident. Amtrak is carrying out relief work in collaboration with the local administration. The injured are being taken to the hospital while other passengers have been evacuated safely.” He is going.”

Five coaches of the train derailed

Amtrak also said in its statement, “The accident happened at around 4 pm near Joplin in North Montana. Five coaches of the train derailed, causing this accident.” However, no information has been revealed about the number of injured in this accident yet.

Many pictures and videos of this accident have surfaced on social media. In which people are seen sitting on the side of the track after this accident while the relief work is going on.

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