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Major accident in eastern Taiwan, 48 people killed due to derailment of train; Many injured

In eastern Taiwan, 48 people died after a train partially derailed after hitting a vehicle falling from a hill. In Taiwan’s deadliest rail accident, passengers were seen climbing on windows and roofs to get out safely, with parts of the train still stuck in the tunnel. The accident occurred on the first day of the long weekend in the Toroko Gorge philosophical area where many people were traveling by trains due to Taiwan’s strong rail network. More than 400 people were on board the train.

The National Fire Service confirmed the death toll. The young, newly married driver of the train is also among the dead. Fire service said that all the passengers on the train have been traced. It said that more than 100 people have been injured. Railway news officer Weng Hui-ping called it Taiwan’s deadliest rail accident.

Weng said that a truck from the construction site operated by the railway administration slipped off the hill and hit the tracks. There was no one in the truck at that time. He said that the speed of the train could not be known. The train had left the tunnel when the incident took place and most of it is still inside the tunnel, forcing passengers trying to get out had to climb windows, doors and roofs.

On the official Central News Agency website, photographs and TV footage posted by people present at the scene showed people climbing the open gate of a train compartment just outside the entrance of the tunnel. The inner part of a compartment is completely uprooted and falls on the side seat. An investigation into the accident has been started and no immediate information has been given about any arrest.

Taiwan’s President Sai Ing Wen said in a tweet that the emergency services “have been fully engaged in rescue work, helping passengers and affected staff.” We will do everything to ensure their safety in view of this heartbreaking accident. ” The accident occurred on the first day of the four-day tomb sweeping festival. Taiwanese Prime Minister Suu Seng Chang said that the railway administration should immediately check other railway lines to prevent any such incidents from happening again.

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