Maintain normal social activities when there is an epidemic with Bluezone

If each citizen installs and turns on Bluezone, the health authority will zoning out the exact epidemic, only quarantining people who are in close contact with infected or suspected Covid-19, not quarantining the whole village, commune. the whole district, isolated thousands of people.

As of 5:00 p.m. on March 2, Bluezone – an application to detect close contact with infected people, suspected of being infected with Covid-19, reached 30,016,227 downloads.

Set Bluezone to limit the quarantine of thousands of people

Bluezone is an application to detect close contact with infected and suspected Covid-19 developed by Vietnamese technology enterprises, launched by the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Information and Communications on April 18, 2020 to contribute to the community protection before pandemic, bring life back to normal.

According to experts’ analysis, in the context of the complicated Covid-19 epidemic, if every citizen installs Bluezone applications on their smartphones, verification of close contact with infected or suspected infected persons. will be quick and accurate.

At that time, the health authority will accurately and only quarantine people who have close contact with infected or suspected Covid-19, not the whole village, commune, district, and thousands of people. People who have no close contact with infected or suspected Covid-19 can still go to work, school, production or business normally.

In order to quickly eliminate the Covid-19 epidemic and to soon return to normal life, each citizen needs to install Bluezone voluntarily, and at the same time instruct those in contact with them to install Bluezone. The more people who install Bluezone, the more effective it will be to control the disease.

Moreover, in modern society, other infectious diseases and many complex social problems may arise that we have not yet anticipated. Therefore, the installation and use of the Bluezone application is not only for the prevention of Covid-19, but in the long term it can also be used to prevent infectious diseases and other complex social problems. .

“Through monitoring the history of close contact with infected and suspected infected people with Bluezone application, not only will help the society maintain its activities, but also form digital immunity to the society, reduce the situation must isolate the whole building, school, hospital, or the whole village, village, or even the whole province when an infected case or suspected epidemic is detected ”, representative of Department of Information Technology, Ministry of Information and Communications emphasize.

Bluezone apps have more than 30 million installs

During the third Covid-19 outbreak in the community, at the meetings of the Standing Government with ministries and localities on Covid-19 epidemic prevention and control, the Prime Minister asked the Ministry of Health to, The Ministry of Information and Communications and localities continue to mobilize people to use Bluezone applications.

Bluezone close contact detection app
Hai Duong has now risen to the 2nd position in the ranking of localities with high Bluezone to population ratio.

Recently, the Ministry of Information and Communications has actively coordinated with localities, especially epidemic regions such as Hai Duong to propagate and mobilize people to install and use Bluezone. As a result, the installed rate of Bluezone in the country in general and Hai Duong in particular has grown strongly.

According to statistics, since January 27 (the time Vietnam appeared new cases of Covid-19 infection in the community in Hai Duong and Quang Ninh – PV) until now, the number of Bluezone applications installed of both The country has continuously grown, from 24.6 times on January 27 to 24.9 million on January 28, reaching 26.1 million on January 30 and by the afternoon of March 2, the total Bluezone application downloads have reached over 30 million, an increase of more than 6.3 million compared to the end of December 2020.

Particularly for Hai Duong, the province has complicated developments that forced this province to implement social isolation across the province for 15 days from 0:00 on February 16, 2021, thanks to the synchronous and drastic implementation. a series of solutions, the number of Bluezone application installations has increased sharply, reaching more than 650,390 times, reaching the rate of 38.15% of the population, ranking second in the country, only behind Da Nang in terms of rate. Bluezone installs on population.

And more importantly, thanks to the increase in the number of traceable cases through the Bluezone system, the zoning and quarantine of infected and suspected Covid-19 infected people in Hai Duong has become more effective.

An overall epidemic prevention and control strategy is needed

However, in the coming time, in order to thoroughly reduce outbreaks and cross-contamination in the community, at the same time ensure that people are still living and doing business normally, the representative of the Department of Informatics said, Along with the exploitation of the Bluezone traceability system and electronic medical declaration database, the locality needs to have an overall and effective disease prevention and control strategy.

In which, there are three important key steps of the epidemic prevention campaign, first of all, it is necessary to tighten the Covid-19 test for people with symptoms to medical facilities, medical facilities report every row. days, using IT systems to monitor and monitor.

The second step is to monitor the access of people (by scanning the mandatory QR Code) at public places.

And another important step is tracing infected people, suspected of being infected with the disease according to the method of combining traditional and Bluezone application.

Specifically, when a case is discovered, using the traditional way of locating the closest people (family, friends) that the F0 case can remember immediately; then traced with a history of contacts from Bluezone of F0 and those who were zoned. This way, the list of quarantined cases is much less than just doing the traditional traceability.

“In the near future, the Ministry of Information and Communications will coordinate with the authorities in Hai Duong to immediately implement this campaign. Along with that, the Ministry will also study the possibility of replication to improve the effectiveness of epidemic prevention and strengthen local capacity to respond to the threat of outbreaks again ”, a representative of the Department of Computerization said.

Install and use Bluezone to protect yourself and the community:
Bluezone is an application that helps to early warn users if they accidentally come into contact with people infected with Covid-19. To receive alerts from Bluezone, the first thing to do is to download and install this app.
Link download Bluezone on Android
Link to download Bluezone on iOS
Once installed, users need to give Bluezone app permission to access storage and Bluetooth connection to receive alerts from the app.

Van Anh

People can now make medical reports online through the Bluezone app

People can now make medical reports online through the Bluezone app

In addition to being able to report information to the authorities about possible Covid-19 infections, currently on the Bluezone close contact detection app, people are also able to make medical reports. online.


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