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Mahatma Gandhi’s bowl and spoon going to be auctioned in England, know what will be their price

A small bowl, 2 wooden spoons and a wooden fork used by Mahatma Gandhi is going to be auctioned in Bristol, UK on 10 January. Its initial price has been kept at 55 thousand British pounds. They can cost 1.2 crore rupees in India including auction commission, GST, insurance, rent and Indian custom duty. However, this is the lowest estimate.

It is estimated that they can cost up to 80 thousand British pounds. This means that their price in India can be Rs 2 crore. Gandhi’s legacy – letters, photographs, paintings, books, sandals, spectacles and other things – attract people and institutions who have collected around the world.

However, auction of personally used items from Gandhi is rare. This set of bowls and spoons is excellent. These are from the collection of Sumati Morarji, a famous follower of Mahatma Gandhi, who was a long-time friend and follower of Gandhi and took care of Gandhiji on many occasions. He has mentioned these things in his book. It is also worth noting that the bids in the auction are very uncertain and at times the prices may be 2 or three times higher than the estimate. This proves even more true in the case of global online auctions.

On behalf of the East Bristol auctioneer, it has been said that the set was used by Mahatma Gandhi at Aga Khan Palace (1942–1944) in Pune and at Palm Ban House in Mumbai. The bowl is made of simple metal, 208/42 is printed in the base. The cutlery also has a wooden fork and two carved wooden spoons which are traditional and simple.

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