Magnetics: a distraught generation

CRITICAL – A true learning story, this first film by Vincent Maël Cardona unfolds the life of two brothers to the sound of rock and new wave. A message for a whole generation.

Bad pick. “Me, I was for Giscard”, admits the hero while the face of François Mitterrand appears on the television screen. That, he will remember, May 10, 1981. Anything was possible. Everything was going to be allowed. Well, that’s what they said. The province would never be the same. He and his brother wouldn’t have to take over their father’s garage. The eldest was the star of the group. In the attic of the local bar, Jérôme hosted Radio Warsaw. The cadet was also in charge. It was the era of cassettes and vinyls. What an idea, does not prevent falling in love with the girlfriend of his brother.

This Jerome didn’t need that. This rebel regularly went crazy, got drunk on beer, could no longer endure paternal remonstrances. But poor Philippe, shy like everything: how could he resist this blonde hairdresser who is probably not called Marianne for nothing. France had a sweet smile. The future was bright. Joy Division,

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