“Made in France”: can we relocate everything?

77,000 jobs over three or four years is the result of more than 600 development or activity relocation projects that the government has been supporting since last year. According to the Ministry of the Economy, which made a major communication on Tuesday, October 26 around these relocations, the sectors concerned are those where France wants to regain economic sovereignty: pharmacy, agri-food, industry, electronics or again semiconductors, which are so lacking in automobile manufacturers to manufacture their vehicles. According to Bercy, the State has already released 830 million euros in public funds, which has enabled more than 3.5 billion euros in industrial investments to be triggered. And it is not over, the government plans to double the stake by next year.

The government makes sure to help businesses all over the country. Some examples: the Serf company in Decines-Charpieu near Lyon, which makes implants for the hips and feet, is supported to create a new sterile clean room, which doubles its production capacity and allows this activity to be maintained in France. . In a completely different area, in Boulogne-sur-Mer, in the North, Le comptoir des fishermen boulonnais, specializing in fish cutting, is helped to increase its capacities and prevent the goods caught from being processed abroad. has start-ups, SMEs, not just large companies.

The government operates through calls for projects, in which it says it looks in particular at the outlets of the sectors. But we can wonder. The state strongly encouraged, in 2020, French companies to manufacture sanitary masks. Today, when less is used, they are unable to sell their stocks and compete with imports of Chinese masks, which remain four times cheaper. They must reduce the airfoil. Behind this relocation plan, there is also the risk of windfall effects, especially for large companies. Some will profit from the money of these devices, whereas with or without public aid, they would have modernized or enlarged their sites anyway.

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