Madame Claude: What is Netflix’s biopic on the famous pimp worth?

CRITICAL – Sylvie Verheyde’s feature film, broadcast on the platform because of the Covid, paints a featureless portrait of the one who called herself “the queen of whores”.

Obviously, she had changed her name. Fernande Grudet, that sounded worse than Madame Claude. With her daughters (there were up to two hundred), she did the same. Thus, Clarence became Virginia. Sidonie was an exception: she kept her first name. The film dwells on the checkered relations of the “madam of the Republic” and her disciple who comes out of a private school. A scent of sulfur rises to the nostrils. Ah, the escort girls of the 1970s! Quite a legend. Sylvie Verheyde traces the reign and then the fall of the one who called herself “the queen of whores”. His film, unsurprisingly and rather disappointing, originally scheduled for a theatrical release, is available, Covid obliges, on Netflix.

Arrested by the first female commissioner

A rather heavy voice-over accompanies the action. “I always wanted to be someone.” Translate: have the strongest address book in Ve Republic, offer its services to billionaires and heads of state, be protected by ministers and the underworld. Sign of the times, we

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