Macaulay Culkin asks in turn that Donald Trump disappear from Mom I missed the plane again

The American president beaten by Joe Biden had wanted to appear in this film 30 years ago. Today, the lead actor adds his voice to those asking for a redacted version of the comedy.

Beaten by Joe Biden in the presidential election, banned from the main social networks, subject to a second impeachment procedure for his involvement in the incidents at the Capitol last week, will Donald Trump disappear from the screens, at least from the film editing Mom, I missed the plane again ? For several months, the mobilization has been organized on the Internet to demand a version of the film redacted from the short scene where the former real estate mogul appears. But protests have redoubled since Donald Trump contested his defeat to the former Democratic Vice President, maintaining an insurrectionary climate in the United States.

This mobilization for a new editing of the film is today encouraged by the main actor Macaulay Culkin. Little Kevin McCallister of the saga directed by Chris Colombus has, in a tweet, added his voice to the petition calling for the removal of the real estate mogul’s cameo. “Sold»Wrote the actor now 40 years old before praising the work of an internet user who has digitally removed Donald Trump from the scene in question. The offensive is probably all the more frustrating for the 45th President of the United States that he cannot respond to it since he was deprived of his account on the social network.

Because the outgoing American president is very concerned to protect this cinematographic appearance. During a rerun of the film in 2019, the Canadian channel CBC cut the scene during the editing. The decision, taken in 2014, was justified by the fact that the feature film was too long for television. “The movie will never be the same! (I’m joking)», Had tweeted the US president, suggesting that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, with whom he maintains strained relations, was at the origin of this censorship.

Trump and cinema, a love that is not necessarily reciprocal

Owner of the Plaza Hotel in New York in the early 1990s, the billionaire had particularly insisted on appearing in the film if we are to believe the director Chris Colombus. In Insider , the director had said that Donald Trump had only authorized filming in his establishment if, in addition to the usual rental cost, he had the right to make a cameo. A process used many times by a man not hesitating to impose himself on the screen.

The deal was that if you wanted to shoot in one of his properties, you had to write him a scene“, Told the actor Matt Damon in 2017 at Hollywood Reporter . “Martin Brest must have written him something in For a weekend – and the entire film crew was there. […] You waste a little time getting the permit, and then you could cut the scene. But I guess in Mom, I missed the plane again, they left it“, he added.

In all, Donald Trump will have made appearances in a dozen films and series. This short career enabled him in 2015 to receive $ 110,000 in annual pension from the Screen Actors Guild. In 2019, the same union paid him over $ 77,000. We can better understand his enthusiasm for the seventh art.

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